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Two Fingers Craft Beer in Ikebukuro, Tokyo

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Two Fingers Craft Beer The Bottom Line

If you’re in the area, then Two Fingers Craft Beer is one of our picks in the Ikebukuro area to try some new craft beer in a warm, inviting atmosphere. While the prices do gravitate towards the higher end of Tokyo prices, the pours are spot on – no two fingers of head here. However, there is no table charge, the menus are all in English and Japanese, and there is also free WiFi too. The only thing I would suggest is that you should eat before coming to Two Fingers Craft Beer but that’s not a problem seeing as Ikebukuro has a plethora of choices to choose from. The whole bar is non-smoking, though there is a small smoking area by the entrance outside; however, we didn’t smell anything on the day we went.

Two Fingers Craft Beer Inside・トゥー・フィンガーズ・クラフトビア店内

Two Fingers Craft Beer The Full Review

Two Fingers Craft Beer opened in December 2018 and is the beer project from two prolific craft beer Instagram posters Sekainobeer and Nao.Live. With the dream of opening a craft beer somewhere in Tokyo, the pair posted a continuous stream of updates across various social media, and have continued to do.

Two Fingers Craft Beer is located about 10 minutes from Ikebukuro station, on the more quieter west side of the area. Located in a quiet residential area, it’s not hard to spot Two Fingers Craft Beer, with its metallic sign (made by Welders’ Diner) and a small wood deck outside – unfortunately used for as a smoking area. There is space inside for about 6 people at the counter and another 12 people at tables against the main wall. On the day we went, Two Fingers Craft Beer was full to the brim and it felt cozy rather than jammed in. The whole of the inside is non-smoking and there is also no table charge either. There is also free wifi at Two Fingers Craft Beer, with the details located by the entrance as you come in.

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There are eight taps of craft beer on at Two Fingers Craft Beer, split between both domestic and imports, with daily updates of the taplists across the various social media Two Fingers Craft Beer have. The beers come in two sizes: half pint (235ml) from ¥750 to ¥950, and US pint (473ml) from ¥1,090 to ¥1,400 with imports being at the higher end of the prices. It’s a shame that tax isn’t included in the price as it then puts Two Fingers Craft Beer at the higher end of Tokyo prices; however, you do a get a full glass of beer – no head besides a couple of bubbles on top. You can ask for some if you want, but then you know how we feel about our pours. There is no happy hour nor beer flight at Two Fingers Craft Beer.

Two Fingers Craft Beer Food 1・トゥー・フィンガーズ・クラフトビアフード1Two Fingers Craft Beer Food 2・トゥー・フィンガーズ・クラフトビアフード2

There is some food at Two Fingers Craft Beer too but it’s mostly small finger foods, so either grab some food at Ikebukuro station or go hungry. All of the menus are bilingual too so there is no issue with any language problems.

Two Fingers Craft Beer Details

Open: Tuesday to Sunday 16:00 – 24:00

Closed: Mondays

Happy Hour: None

Phone: 03-6882-4300

Homepage (in Japanese): N/A

Social Media: Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

How to Get to Two Fingers Craft Beer

Directions from Ikebukuro Station

Directions from Kita-Ikebukuro Station

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