Keikyu Beer Festa in Kamiooka, Kanagawa

Keikyu Beer Festa Logo・京急ビアフェスタロゴ

Keikyu Beer Festa is a five day beer festival, located in Kamiooka in Kanagawa. The event starts on 2nd May and lasts until 6th May in the 7th floor event space of the Keikyu Kamiooka Station building. The event kicks off at 10:00 on all five days and runs until 20:00 on all days except the 6th when it finishes at 19:00. Tickets are pay as you go, with one ticket costing ¥100, and eleven tickets for ¥1,000, which tax not included.

Beers come in two sizes: small (200ml) for four tickets (¥400) or large (400ml) for six or seven tickets (¥600 to ¥700). There are also beer flights available with 4 x 180ml beers for 10 tickets (¥1,000).

Breweries Attending Keikyu Beer Festa

  • Roto Brewery
  • Hoshino Brewery
  • Minami Yokohama Beer Labo
  • Inazuma Beer
  • Gahaha Beer
  • Yokohama Kanazawa Brewery
  • Iwami Brewery
  • Isana Brewing
  • Riot Beer
  • Shiki Beer
  • Izumi Brewery
  • Suiken Brewery

Keikyu Beer Festa Details

Homepage (in Japanese): https://www.keikyu-beerfesta.com/


How to Get to Keikyu Beer Fest

Keikyu Kamiooka is located on the Keikyu Main Line and the building is right outside the gates.

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  1. Were you there? How did this go? When I had the 1-day Minato Burari Wide Ticket, the Keikyū Kami-ooka station was one where I exited it and strolled around the neighborhood for awhile. I seemingly went the wrong way from the station, because I have no memories of anything I espied.

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