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Home Bar Review Craft Beer Dive Futa’s in Kanazawa, Ishikawa

Craft Beer Dive Futa’s in Kanazawa, Ishikawa

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Craft Beer Dive Futa’s The Bottom Line

If it wasn’t for the smoking and slightly higher prices compared with other places in Kanazawa, then Craft Beer Dive Futa’s would come highly recommended. It’s a shame as it ticks all the right boxes: decent selection of beer on tap – both with styles and breweries – as well as some tasty food and a warm, friendly atmosphere. We were made to feel extremely welcome and would have stayed longer – if it hadn’t been for the smoking. The owners both spoke English and the bar had no table charge and all the prices did in include tax, so there were no surprises at the end of the evening. Make sure you can read some Japanese if you’re hungry though.

Craft Beer Dive Futa's Inside・クラフトビア ダイブ フウタズ店内

Craft Beer Dive Futa’s The Full Review

Arriving in Kanazawa at 7:30, there isn’t much in the immediate vicinity of the shinkansen station in terms of craft beer. A short taxi ride into Korinbo led us to Craft Beer Dive Futa’s. The bar opened in November 2016, just off the main drinking area of Korinbo. The name may be lost on some people but it’s a play on the Japanese pronunciation of the infamous Hooters bar. Don’t worry – the bar is far more restrained and upmarket than the Hooter’s chain. It’s quite a trek from JR Kanazawa station if you’re staying or living in that part of the city; however, there are plenty of buses. Nomachi station is a bit closer if you’re looking to get to Craft Beer Dive Futa’s though the station is still awkward.

Though it has the word “dive” in the name, Craft Beer Dive Futa’s is anything but a dive bar. Inside of Craft Beer Dive Futa’s, there is space for people mostly at the counter with 10 seats around it, and a table for five by the window. Unfortunately the bar is smoking as I found out after two beers when a couple of customers walk in and start smoking away – a downer for us at BeerTengoku and an even bigger downer at such a nice friendly place. The good thing is that there is no table charge though at Craft Beer Dive Futa’s.

Craft Beer Dive Futa's Beer 1・クラフトビールダイブビール1Craft Beer Dive Futa's Beer 2・クラフトビールダイブビール2Craft Beer Dive Futa's Beer 3・クラフトビールダイブビール3

The list of 6 taps – impressively written on butcher’s paper that scrolls down – is split between domestic and imports with a differing variety of styles on tap. The beers come in two sizes: small (280ml) from 850 to 900, and pint (473ml) from 1300 to 1400. Those prices are pretty jaw-dropping and place Craft Beer Dive Futa’s at the expensive end for beer drinkers in Japan. Unfortunately there is no happy hour nor any beer tasting flights either. On the positive side, thankfully the prices do include tax and don’t come served with lots of head.

Craft Beer Dive Futa's Food 2・クラフトビールダイブフード2

The food menu is wide and plentiful, with plenty of options; however, all of it is in Japanese so make sure you ask the staff nicely or bring someone along who can read Japanese. Everything is prepared fresh to order, though like the beers, the prices are not cheap. Those looking for vegetarian options will be happy to know there is plenty of choice and the staff will even accommodate you too.

Craft Beer Dive Futa’s Details

Open: Monday to Saturday 15:00 – 23:00 Sunday 12:00 – 23:00

Closed: Tuesday

Happy Hour: None

Phone: 076-222-0593

Homepage (in Japanese):

SNS: Facebook

How to Get to Craft Beer Dive Futa’s

Directions from JR Kanazawa
Directions from Nomachi Station

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