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Cyonmage Pale Ale by Yamaguchi Hagi Beer

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Yamaguchi Hagi Beer Cyonmage Pale Ale is, you guessed it, a 5% pale ale from Yamaguchi Hagi Beer. God, who spells it like that? “Cyonmage”. Who says “Chonmage” and thinks “Yeah, that should be spelt with a Y after the C”. I used to go to a bar that spelt the word “shochu” “syocyu”. Monsters. Anyway, a chonmage is the traditional samurai hairstyle of a shaved top and the back tied up into a knot. It’s pretty stupid looking, in my opinion.

Yamaguchi Hagi Beer Cyonmage Pale Ale Aroma and Taste

Yamaguchi Hagi Beer Cyonmage Pale Ale pours out almost completely flat (must have had some gas leakage from the ring-pull bottle top), with about a centimetre of head that completely disappeared. There was better head retention at the French Revolution. The body is copper with a slight haze.

The nose of this beer is malty and slightly hoppy. An English style pale ale, then. Never mind! It tastes malty, with a slight buttery edge (ugh). There’s some nuts in there, and a bit of a metallic taste. As it warms up it the taste improves, with the hops coming forward a little.


Yamaguchi Hagi Beer Cyonmage Pale Ale: The Bottom Line

Yamaguchi Hagi Beer Cyonmage Pale Ale isn’t bad. It’s completely inoffensive. I wouldn’t bother hunting it down, but if you’re in Yamaguchi I don’t think you’d be spoilt for choice as far as craft beer is concerned so go ahead and give it a try if you see it out in the wild.

(Yamaguchi is really beautiful by the way, you should check it out)

Where to buy Yamaguchi Hagi Beer Cyonmage Pale Ale

Hagi Beer Online Store

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