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Oh! La! Ho Bossa Nova IPA by Oh! La! Ho Beer

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Karuizawa Summer Ale, more commonly known as Oh! La! Ho Bossa Nova IPA, is a 6% American IPA produced by Oh! La! Ho beer and is part of their summer lineup. In 10 years of living in Japan, I found it for the first time after a visit to Le Collier. Bossa Nova IPA, as that is what I am calling it now, is not advertised anywhere on Oh! La! Ho Beer’s website or in magazines, not usually a good sign.

Bossa Nova IPA

Swing your hips, play some more.

Oh! La! Ho! Bossa Nova IPA Aroma and Taste

Bossa Nova IPA comes out a thick golden colour with a thin creamy head that stinks of hops. Not quite on a level with an American IPA but the hops certainly are not shy in letting you know where you stand. The citrus nose – slightly lemony with grapefruit – will make your nose turn up not in disgust but in a surprising way.  I like my IPAs but this was surprising, considering the Aooni IPA is a particular favourite of Joe and mine.

The flavour of Bossa Nova IPA is not as much of a punch to the taste buds as the aromas and is far more balanced as well. For an IPA, the taste leans more towards the malty side of the scale rather than hops.  The citrus flavours are present but more succinct. The aftertaste is also fairly sharp and on the more acidic side of an IPA.

Oh! La! Ho Bossa Nova IPA One-Line Review

If you can find Bossa Nova IPA then buy it, as it contrasts very nicely with the Aooni IPA; more acidic and hoppier.


Where to Buy Oh! La! Ho Bossa Nova IPA

BeerTengoku picked this one up at Le Collier in Tokyo station; however, the only other place we have found this is online at Oh! La! Ho Beer’s online store as part of a set here.

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