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Otaru Beer

Otaru Beer is a craft beer brewery located in Otaru, in Hokkaido, Japan. The brewery opened in 1999 and since then, they have been brewing German style beers. The parent company, Aleph, is a national chain of supermarkets that branched out into beer making, catching the second wave of the craft beer boom in Japan. Hiring a German brewer back in 1999, Otaru Beer strictly follow the Reinheitsgebot Law, aka German Purity Law, and all theirs contain only malt, yeast, hops, and yeast, while also using the decoction method to brew their beers.

Otaru Beer Main Lineup

The following are part of Otaru Beer’s main lineup

  • Otaru Pilsner – a 5% German pilsner brewed to a Munich style recipe.
  • Otaru Dunkel – a 5.2% German dunkel brewed to a Berlin style recipe.
  • Otaru Weiss – a 5.5% German hefeweizen brewed to a Bavarian recipe that has a malt bill containing 50% wheat.

Otaru Beer Details

Address: 3 Chome-263-19 Zenibako, Otaru-shi, Hokkaidō 047-0261

Phone: 0134-61-2280

Homepage (in Japanese): otarubeer.com

Brewery Store: N/A

SNS: Facebook

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