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TDM 1874 Information

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TDM 1874 Front

TDM 1874, which stands for Ten Day Market with the year coming from when the original company was founded, is a brewpub located in Tokaichiba, Kanagawa. TDM1874 has been brewing since and has already seen interest growing in both its beer and its head brewer, George Juniper. Sales of their beers, which started in their own brewpub, have spread across Japan and can now be found in bars in the Kanto region, Niigata, Osaka and Kyoto. There is also a chain of stores linked to the company as well.

TDM 1874 Main Lineup

Some of TDM 1874 beers include:

TDM 1874 Draft Lineup

TDM 1874 Articles

TDM 1874 Details

Address: 835-1 Tokaichibacho, Midori Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa 226-0025


Phone: 045-985-4955


Brewery Store: Chouzaemon

Social Media: Facebook / Instagram

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