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Home Bar Review Ale House Kamiya in Dōyamachō, Osaka

Ale House Kamiya in Dōyamachō, Osaka

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Ale House Kamiya The Bottom Line

Ale House Kamiya is Osaka’s version of Bay Brewing Yokohama – full on wrestling pub that has a good atmosphere but thanks to the beer choices, doesn’t really offer anything that can’t be found elsewhere for cheaper. The beer prices though are some of the cheapest in Osaka and all prices include tax plus there is no table charge either. If you plan to go in the evenings, make sure you book a table as Ale House Kamiya gets full quickly, and due to this, also quite smoky. Plus, who doesn’t want to start drinking at 5am, or finish at 7am, because you can at Ale House Kamiya.

Ale House Kamiya Inside

“cosy” we shall say

Ale House Kamiya The Full Review

Ale House Kamiya was supposed to be bar #2 on our crawl around Osaka; however, by the time we got there at 7pm or so, the bar was full up to the brim – there were people squeezed in between others and in a downstairs location, is slightly worrying. Coming back a couple of hours later, there was a small amount of standing room at the very back of the bar and then Ale House Kamiya managed to become bar #3.

Located in the bustling Dōyamachō district of Osaka, about 5 minutes from Higashi-Umeda station, Ale House Kamiya opened way back in April 2011 follows a very strong wrestling theme. It’s noticeable immediately from the signs outside the bar, with masked luchadors emblazoned on the menus and the signs. There’s not many times I’ve been a bit nervous walking downstairs, but with all the kegs and empty crates lining the stairs, I’m surprised that I didn’t trip or injure myself getting into Ale House Kamiya.

When you finally navigate into Ale House Kamiya, and also assuming there is space for you in there, the whole of the inside is covered in wrestling promos with TVs showing wrestling and posters around the room for wrestling shows. There’s space for about 30 people inside, with the majority of that being tables, and a few counter seats and some random standing spots. The atmosphere in Ale House Kamiya was jovial, with the bar owner talking to everyone and anyone, but Ale House Kamiya is a smoking bar, and it is noticeable. There is no table charge at Ale House Kamiya.

Ale House Kamiya Beer 1
Can't decide on the size?
Ale House Kamiya Beer 2
With some surprises
Ale House Kamiya Beer 3
Aooni IPA Review:
Ale House Kamiya Beer 4
Kuninicho Lager

There are five taps of craft beer on at Ale House Kamiya, with a heavy leaning towards the Yo-Ho Brewing range of beers, though there are also some guest beers on sale from other breweries. The beers come in five sizes, 200ml tasting size at ¥400, 300ml half pint at ¥600, 450ml mug at ¥800, 600ml pint at ¥1000, and a 1500ml pitcher at ¥2500. There are also two beer flight options with 300ml x 3 glasses at ¥1400 and 300ml x 6 glasses at ¥2700. All the prices included tax as well. I didn’t notice any kind of happy hour, but these prices are some of the cheapest I came across in Osaka.

Ale House Kamiya prides itself on fried chicken and it seems it’s some of the best in Osaka, with them having won awards for it in the, and I kid you not, karaage grand prix. However, I never got to try any as it was simply too busy to order any food. There was some English on the menu but not enough really for non-Japanese speaking people to survive. The bar owner did try to explain a little bit in English so you could get by there.

Ale House Kamiya Details

Open: Monday to Saturday 17:00 to 07:00 (L.O Food 05:00 Drink 06:00) Sunday 17:00 to 00:00 (L.O Food 23:00 Drink 23:30)

Closed: None

Happy Hour: None

Phone: 06-6363-0876

Homepage (in Japanese):

SNS: Facebook / Twitter

How to Get to Ale House Kamiya

The closest station to Ale House Kamiya is Higashi-Umeda and Nakazakicho on the Osaka subway.

Directions from Higashi Umeda

Directions from Nakazakicho

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