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Futako Ale by Futako Beer

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Futako Ale is a 5% American pale ale brewed by Futako Beer, based in Tokyo, Japan. Like the rest of the Futako Beers, Futako Ale was brewed under contract at Hitachino Nest and the beer can be found in both bottles and on tap across Japan. Futako Ale also contains barley that has been locally grown in the Setagaya area of Tokyo, but if you know the area well then you’d have to wonder where they could grow it. It’s unknown what hops went into making Futako Ale though.

Futako Ale

Did they use local water too?

Futako Ale Aroma and Taste

Futako Ale poured out a hazy golden orange colour with a slight amount of frothy white head. Not much really was going on in terms of life – in fact Futako Ale looked kind of insipid as it sat in the IPA glass, also known as the life-giver, as I’ve seen many a beer come to life when served in this style of glass. There was a distinct citrus aroma coming off along with some hints of caramel so not quite and American pale ale as I was expecting pure hops, but not to say that was a bad thing to get some malts.

The body though had some peculiar buttery notes to it – not on the level of an infection but enough to get the taste buds woken up and stirred. The citrus flavour was the most dominating one during drinking but Futako Ale never really got going past that. The flavours ended up being one dimensional and it would have been nice if Futako Ale had had some other flavours going on, as, well let’s be honest, American pale ales are plentiful in Japan now.

Futako Ale The Bottom Line

Futako Ale is your average-run-of-the-mill attempt at a pale ale.


Where to Buy Futako Ale

Futako Ale can be bought online at the following places:

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