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Outsider Yuzu White Marriage by Outsider Brewing 

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Outsider Yuzu White Marriage is a 6.5% witbier from Outsider Brewing, based in Yamanashi, Japan. As with all Outsider Brewing’s beer, it is only available on tap and it also a winter seasonal. Outsider Yuzu White Marriage is brewed with locally sourced yuzu fruit, which looks somewhat like a small grapefruit with an uneven skin, and can be either yellow or green depending on the degree of ripeness. They are very common in Japan during late autumn through to winter.

Outsider Yuzu Weizen

Cloudy with a faint hint of yuzu going on.

Outsider Yuzu White Marriage Aroma and Taste

I love yuzu. I really do. I love the citrus flavour and loved Minoh Yuzu Wheat and with Outsider Brewing being one of my favourite breweries in Japan, I was excited to see them try something “normal” for an adjunct – yuzu. Outsider Yuzu White Marriage came up a hazy deep golden colour with a clean white head on top. The most surprising about Outsider Yuzu White Marriage was the yuzu took a back seat – the wheaty banana aromas came through first and it was only when it had warmed up that the yuzu had come through. Not a bad thing for beginners or those averse to yuzu in their beers.

Outsider Yuzu White Marriage for me, is a really good example of how delicate flavours can work and be stronger together than one bold flavour coming through. The yuzu in the body was slightly tart though the sweetness in the beer offset enough to not become a dominating flavour. The citrus part of the flavour was refreshing and along with the spicy banana and wheat flavours, made it all very easy drinking. It finished off with the wheat and citrus flavour lasting briefly on the palate, along with a hint of sweetness.

Outsider Yuzu White Marriage The Bottom Line

Outsider Yuzu White Marriage is a welcome addition to the yuzu witbier world – it’s not overpowering and won’t assault your taste buds.


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