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Minoh Yuzu Wheat by Minoh Beer

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Minoh Yuzu White is a 5% witbier from Minoh Beer that is also a winter seasonal beer. It was first brewed in 2009 and has been part of their seasonal range ever since. Minoh is famous for yuzu, and from November onwards, yuzu can be seen everywhere. Minoh Beer haven’t stated how much yuzu is used in the making of Minoh Yuzu Wheat besides “a large amount” while also using coriander to put a Japanese spin on witbiers.

Minoh Yuzu Wheat

The monkey returns with Minoh Yuzu Wheat

Minoh Yuzu Wheat Aroma and Taste

I last had this at the Gold’n Bub Minoh Takeover event though that was infused with extra coriander, I think. I was a tad drunk that day and don’t really remember that much besides meeting Ohshita-san and taking photos. I’ll have to check with other people who were there for certain as a LOT of Minoh Beer was drunk that day.

The katakana (ホ和イト) on the side of the bottle had me confused. Is it meant to say wheat? White? What? Peace white?! Who knows… Thinking it said wheat, the weizen glass made the most sense though I’m still yet to figure out if that was the right thing or not. It poured out a cloudy golden brown colour, topped off with a small amount of fluffy, white head as well. Surprisingly for a yuzu beer, there wasn’t a strong aroma of it yet the aroma that was present worked really well with the wheat and yeast tones going on. There was also some undertones of pepper, perhaps Minoh Beer had added some sansho into the mix as well?

Drinking Minoh Yuzu Wheat is where it comes into its element as the yuzu / wheat balance is so well balanced that is a very easy drinking beer for people new to witbiers and/or yuzu flavouring. The coriander wasn’t that distinct either though it could be detected once I had focussed on looking for it, but who really has the time to do that? Minoh Yuzu Wheat finished off with a bitter citrus aftertaste that was crisp and refreshing.


Minoh Yuzu Wheat One Line Review

Minoh Yuzu Wheat is a great introductory beer to those eager to try either a yuzu-flavoured beer or a witbier, or both.

Where to Buy Minoh Yuzu Wheat

Minoh Yuzu Wheat can be bought from the following places:

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