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Jibiru Bar Marumugi in Yotsuya, Tokyo

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Jibiru Bar Marumugi The Bottom Line

If you’re in the area, then Jibiru Bar Marumugi is a decent choice compared to what else there is in the area – nothing. However, unless you are in the area, then Jibiru Bar Marumugi isn’t worth trekking into Tokyo for. It had a nice quaint atmosphere, but the owner just decided to watch TV and didn’t seem up for a conversation. All the beers included tax and there is no table charge either. The bar is also non-smoking too; however, don’t expect any English on the menu besides the name of the beer.

Jibiru Bar Marumugi Inside

There is a window but not much light coming in.

Jibiru Bar Marumugi Full Review

Jibiru Bar Marumugi, located between Yotsuya-sanchome station and Akebonobashi station, opened up in 2011 after the owner moved from another bar. Yotsuya-sanchome area isn’t renowned for having much there, besides lots of izakayas and seems to be a busy thoroughfare for people between Shinjuku and Yotsuya station in itself.

Inside, Jibiru Bar Marumugi is quite small to say the least. I was the only person in there on a Wednesday night and even then, I felt that the place had a slight claustrophobic nature to it. There are two tables inside next to the windows, and a small counter area that seats about 5 or 6 people, though that would be quite a squeeze. If you wanted, you could stand up but if you did, you’d probably bump into someone if you turned around. While not as small as say El Nubichinom in Yokohama, it was definitely cosy. There is no table charge and no smoking either, which is always a good thing.

Jibiru Bar Marumugi Menu
All Japanese but not much choice.
Jibiru Bar Marumugi Menu Y Market Barley Bouquet
Y Market Barley Bouquet

There are usually five taps of craft beer on at Jibiru Bar Marumugi, with all of them being dedicated to domestic beers on the day I went. Beers come in two sizes: US pint (470ml) for ¥1,000 or half US pint (240ml) for ¥700. There is also a three beer tasting set of 3 x 150ml for ¥1,000 as well. All the prices include tax and the beers were well poured too. Unfortunately, there isn’t any happy hour so don’t expect one.

Jibiru Bar Marumugi Food 1
Simple and to the point.
Jibiru Bar Marumugi Food 2
Pickles - nice but small.

The food at Jibiru Bar Marumugi was basic with some small finger foods and no chips – what is it with places not serving chips!? – so we settled on the pickles and found them to be quite small for the price we paid.

Jibiru Bar Marumugi Details

Open: Sunday to Saturday 17:00 to 02:00

Closed: Tuesday

Happy Hour: No

Phone: 03-6380-4745

Homepage (in Japanese): http://craftbeer-marumugi.seesaa.net/

SNS: Twitter

How to Get to Jibiru Bar Marumugi

The closest station to Jibiru Bar Marumugi is Yotsuya-sanchome station. Come out of exit four and the bar is a couple of minutes walk away.

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