Ikarashitei Yui Swan Lake Pub Edo Niigata in Bancho, Niigata

Ikarashitei Yui Swan Lake Pub Edo Niigata Bar

Ikarashitei Yui Swan Lake Pub Edo Niigata The Bottom Line

I have mixed feelings about Ikarashitei Yui Swan Lake Pub Edo Niigata – great views across the Japan Sea and a cheap place to try some of the Swan Lake beers on tap – if you go at the right time. The atmosphere is more upmarket than the usual chain of Swan Lake Bars – but then the 19th floor is used as a wedding venue in the area. Without a table charge as well for most of the day, the place is reasonably priced for the beers though the lack of tax does make the bill at the end a bit pricier than expected. And the pizza – one of the worst I’ve had in my life, let alone in Japan.

Ikarashitei Yui Swan Lake Pub Edo Niigata View

Great view no matter the weather.

Ikarashitei Yui Swan Lake Pub Edo Niigata Full Review

Ikarashitei Yui Swan Lake Pub Edo Niigata is strangely part of the Swan Lake range of bars and restaurants with the theme of this one being geared towards weddings. Wait. Don’t go. It’s split over two floors of the Next 21 building, located about a 15 minute walk from Niigata station, and has proven to be a popular place for weddings. If I had known about it when I got married then perhaps I would have dragged everyone to Niigata. The 18th floor though does have a bar area for those who just want to come and drink and enjoy the great views of the Japan Sea and, um, Niigata port.

Ikarashitei Yui Swan Lake Pub Edo Niigata, from now on known as Ikarashitei, has seating inside for about 20 people, with tables dotted around the window, though if you’re unfortunate you may end up with your back against the window behind the column. There is also some seating at the bar counter too, for those looking for a quick drink. Confusingly, Ikarashitei doesn’t have a table charge during lunch hours, so why rush when you can sit in and relax with some soothing jazz music. But during dinner and bar time, there is a charge of ¥300 per person – so go during lunch hours if you can. The whole bar is non-smoking as well.

The tap list at Ikarashitei is solely Swan Lake Beers, with five regular beers on tap, one seasonal special rotating throughout the year, and two high alcohol beers on tap. The five regular plus seasonal come in two sizes, short (250ml) at ¥650 and tall (470ml) at ¥950. The high alcohol beers are served in 150ml portions at ¥950. There are also two beer flights available, 3 types of regular beer (120ml glasses) for ¥950 or 6 beers (5 regular plus the seasonal) for ¥1500. Unfortunately, these prices don’t include tax so add on 8%.

Ikarashitei Yui Swan Lake Pub Edo Niigata Food

One of the worst pizzas I’ve had in my life.

Food at Ikarashitei heavily leans towards meals or sets but I plumped for the pizza as I was hungry after the morning drinking at the Niigata Craft Beer Festival. And I wish I hadn’t. There were no chips on the menu it seemed, so I went for the next best thing – pizza. And after waiting for about 20 minutes – enough to finish a beer and order another one – it turned up looking limp and soggy. Perhaps I’ve been spoilt by Devilcraft Kanda / Hamamatsucho and also Baird Nakameguro but this pizza was perhaps one of the worst I’ve had in my life. I tried to return it to be cooked but the waitress refused as the “kitchen service was closed for lunch”.

Ikarashitei Yui Swan Lake Pub Edo Niigata Details

Open: Tuesday to Saturday 11:30 to 22:30 (L.O 22:00) Sunday 11:30 to 21:00 (L.O 20:30)

Closed: Monday and Tuesday

Happy Hour: None

Phone: 025-201-6388

Homepage (in Japanese): http://www.swanlake.co.jp/main/ikarashi_yui_link.htm

SNS: Facebook

How to Get to Ikarashitei Yui Swan Lake Pub Edo Niigata

The closest station to Ikarashitei Yui Swan Lake Pub Edo Niigata is Niigata station on the Hakushin Line, Echigo Line, and  Shinetsu Main Line. Take the Bandai exit and the bar is about a 20-minute walk.

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