Beer Trip Olive & Olive Another Pint in Benten, Niigata

Beer Trip Olive & Olive Another Pint The Bottom Line

Beer Trip Olive & Olive Another Pint both come recommended though while the selection of Hitachino Nest beers is safe, the house specials are worth the extra price. The cosy atmosphere and friendly staff also contributed to a fun few hours there though don’t get confused with which one you’re drinking at. There was a table charge of ¥320 apparently though if you sit at the counter at either branch then the charge is levied. Tax is included in all the prices and there is also free WiFi too.

Beer Trip Olive & Olive Another Pint

The counter seating at Beer Trip Olive.

Beer Trip Olive & Olive Another Pint Full Review

I thought about writing separate reviews for both Beer Trip Olive and also Olive Another Pint but then they both have the same beer list and are run by the same person. Beer Trip Olive opened first in January 2013 with Olive Another Pint following after due to the popularity of the first. Heck, the two places share the same address and same phone number but are separate buildings.

Beer Trip Olive & Olive Another Pint are both located in the Benten area of Niigata city, about a five minute walk from the station. The pair of bars are located down what appeared to be a drinking alley from years gone by – especially with the giant old-fashioned Sapporo sign hanging over your head as you walk down. You can’t miss either of them as their location is right on the corner of where the alley bends around, and also because of the raucous atmosphere outside of Beer Trip Olive and its interesting scaffolding to create a seated outside area.

Both bars have three floors of seating with a few similarities – the first floors of Beer Trip Olive & Olive Another Pint are the bar areas with some counter seats, and the second and third floors have space for larger groups of people. There are areas for smoking and non-smoking but they have been segregated – both times we went, we were sat on the second floor and noone else was smoking there. If you do sit at a table, then there is a table charge of ¥320, though if you sit at the counter at either branch, there isn’t a table charge. You do get some of the dreaded otoshi for the table charge, which wasn’t so bad.

Both the bars share the same basic tap list of 12 domestic craft beers and a few imports which you can order from either. So if you’re sitting at Beer Trip Olive and want something from Olive Another Pint, then ask and it comes your way. Beers come in three size: small (200ml) at ¥550 to ¥600, medium (300ml) at ¥800 to ¥850, and large (420ml) for prices between ¥1000 to ¥1350, with the domestic Hitachino Nest beers being at the cheaper end, and the house beers being slightly more expensive. All the prices include tax so thankfully there isn’t that shock at the end. Unfortunately, there isn’t a tasting set, nor is there a happy hour discount either.

I didn’t order any food while I was at either Beer Trip Olive or Olive Another Pint as I had eaten before at Smoke Cafe. There was a selection of burgers and chips on the menu along with some other grilled stuff. The burger did look tasty, but my stomach was not having any more of it.

Beer Trip Olive & Olive Another Pint Details

Open: Monday to Saturday 15:00 to 24:00

Close: Sunday

Phone: 025-241-7457

Homepage (in Japanese):

SNS: Facebook / Twitter

How to Get to Beer Beer Trip Olive & Olive Another Pint

The closest station to the two bars is Niigata station on the Hakushin Line, Echigo Line, and  Shinetsu Main Line. Take the north exit and the bar is about a five minute walk.

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