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Ginban Kurobe Kyokoku Beer by Ginban Shuzo

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Ginban Kurobe Kyokoku Beer is a 5% pale lager from Ginban Shuzo based in Toyama. It’s a 100% Japanese beer with it being brewed from domestic malt and domestic hops and that is all that is known about it. Ginban Kurobe Kyokoku Beer can be found on the Ginban Shuzo homepage though good luck in trying to find it.

Ginban Kurobe Kyokoku Beer

Ginban Kurobe Kyokoku Beer does exist and can be found, if you’re desperate enough.

Ginban Kurobe Kyokoku Beer Aroma and Taste

Despite spending hours trying to find information about Ginban Kurobe Kyokoku Beer in both Japanese and English, I grew fed up and decide to ask someone who has better Japanese, which isn’t hard, for some help with the label. Even then, the information I got was perhaps as useful as a dulled pencil in an SAT exam. It’s frustrating in the 21st century how breweries still don’t place much emphasis on sharing information about their beers, especially Japanese breweries.

Ginban Kurobe Kyokoku Beer poured out a pale hazy golden colour without much fanfare and a good amount of fluffy white head that clung to the side f the glass as the beer went down. The aroma though was strange – a large amount of buttery aroma that was punctuated by some hops though trying to figure out what aroma the hops was not easy as the butteriness was too strong for my liking. The malts were far strong in producing a caramel / toffee like aroma that didn’t sit well to be frank.

If the butteriness was planned then I would like to have known who decided to overdose the body on it. Ginban Kurobe Kyokoku Beer had a creamy texture on the tongue that was not pleasant in the slightest. With such a high level of carbonation, all flavours were rinsed away as soon as they had landed besides the meagerest of bitterness. Even then, that was gone too quickly to develop into anything besides a memory.


Ginban Kurobe Kyokoku Beer One Line Review

Ginban Kurobe Kyokoku Beer is best left on the shelf as it is simply a mess of a beer. Too sweet, too creamy.

Where to Buy Ginban Kurobe Kyokoku Beer

Ginban Kurobe Kyokoku Beer can be bought from:

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