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Daisen G Beer Stout by Kumezakura Daisen Brewery

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Daisen G Beer Stout is a 5.5% stout beer from Kumezakura Daisen Brewery in Tottori prefecture that is part of their all-year round lineup of beers. It is brewed using locally sourced water from Mount Daisen. Daisen G Beer Stout won silver at the International Beer Competition back in 2004 though the recipe hasn’t changed since. It can be found in both bottles and in draught form.

Daisen G Beer Stout

Just look at that creamy head. Focus is off but look at it!

Daisen G Beer Stout Aroma and Taste

For some reason, Daisen G Beer Stout escaped the over-reaching arms of reviews for a while now and it was only when I looked back through my Evernote collection of beer notes that I came across it and this picture. The most surprising thing about it though was the quick drink by date, with it only be three months from bottling. Got to get in quick it seems with Daisen G Beers.

Daisen G Beer Stout did pour out extremely well and that tan head developed without any wrist-flicking or any shaking of the bottle to produce it. The body was a pitch black colour and showed some semblance of life in it with the head being supported through right until the end. Daisen G Beer Stout had a strong aroma of coffee and chocolate along with some smoke smells coming through too.

After letting it warm up for a bit, Daisen G Beer Stout had been stored in the fridge to try and maintain the freshness of it, the body was thicker than expected and had a good creaminess to it along with some sweetness too. The coffee and chocolate smells were replicated in the flavour though not as dominating with both of them carrying on to the aftertaste.


Daisen G Beer Stout One Line Review

Daisen G Beer Stout is decent (sweet) stout that gets better as it warms up.

Where to Buy Daisen G Beer Stout

Daisen G Beer Stout can be bought at the following places online:

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