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Minoh Dark Lager by Minoh Beer

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Minoh Dark Lager, or this version named Minoh Papa Zaru No Lager (Daddy monkey’s lager), is a 5% Vienna lager, brewed by Minoh Beer, based in Osaka, Japan. Minoh Dark Lager used to be part of their seasonal range and from 2016, it made a reappearance as part of Minoh’s Zaru range of beers, which are dedicated to the monkeys that hang around in the Minoh area of Osaka. At the time of writing, it’s unknown if the Papa Zaru range will rotate between flavours and styles each year, or will remain constant.

Minoh Dark Lager

Surely Daddy monkey would have drunk something stronger than this?

Minoh Dark Lager Aroma and Taste

Minoh Dark Lager poured out a deep brown colour that did appear to be black in some poor lighting situations. It had a snow white head on top that lingered until collapsing into a much more compact one before fading to some white bubbles around the side of the glass. Minoh Dark Lager had a slight earthy hoppiness to it, but the malts brought a slight roasted chocolate nose to it as well as some ever-so-slight hints of burnt coffee to it as well, though these aromas were balanced against the caramel nose to it, just off-setting the abrasiveness of the burnt coffee.

If you had three monkeys for kids (Minoh Bosuzaru IPAMinoh Kozaru IPA, and Minoh Osaru IPA), then I suspect you would want something stronger than a 5% schwarzbier. The first sip of Minoh Dark Lager felt watery at first but definitely let it warm up somewhat before drinking it. Doing that gave the body a much fuller texture and allowed some more of the subtle flavours of the malts to come through – hints of caramel were more forthcoming when Minoh Dark Lager had warmed up. There was a distinct lack of bitterness to it, besides a slight kick during the aftertaste but nothing to get hopheads worked up into a frenzy for. It finished off with a dry bite to it with a wee bit of ash-like taste to it – most peculiar.

Minoh Dark Lager The Bottom Line

Minoh Dark Lager wouldn’t be my choice for a fathers’ day gift, but it’s not a bad beer – just needs something to give it some oomph.


Where to Buy Minoh Dark Lager

Minoh Dark Lager can be bought online at the following places;

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