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Hansharo Beer Information

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Hansharo Beer Lineup

Hansharo Beer is a craft beer brewery located in Izunokuni city, Shizuoka. The brewery was founded in 1996, soon after the Japanese government loosened the restrictions for the beer licensing system. Like other breweries at the time, Hansharo Beer is owned by Kuraya Narusawa. The brewery and restaurant are near Izu Nagaoka Station on the Izu Hakone Line, about 20 minutes from Mishima station. The name stems from the old iron furnaces used to forge cannons in the mid-1800s.

Hansharo Beer Lineup

The following beers are part of the all-year round lineup:

  • Hansharo Daiginjo Masako – a 5% speciality beer brewed with sake yeast
  • Hansharo Tarozaemon – a 5% English pale ale brewed with Maris Otter and Crystal malt and hopped with Bramling Cross.
  • Hansharo Soun APA – a 5% American pale ale hopped with Saphir, Simcoe, Cascade (UK), Polaris, Hallertau Blanc, and dry-hopped with Hallertau Blanc.
  • Hansharo Yoritomo – a 5% English style porter brewed using imported malts from the UK.

Hansharo Beer Seasonal and Limited Edition Lineup

The following beers are part of the seasonal, limited edition, or draft line up:

  • Hansharo Barrel Aged Saison – A 7% saison aged in wine barrels for three months during winter and came on sale in March 2018.
  • Hansharo Belgian Pale Ale – A 5% Belgian pale ale brewed with their Tarozaemon pale ale and Belgian yeast rather than their usual strain.
  • Hansharo Biere De Kidaru Soushi – An 8% bier de garde is first brewed and then the resultant batch is split into two different kinds of wood barrels – one being made from acacia wood, and the other having been used for storing wine.
  • Hansharo Ganjyo IPL – A 5% India Pale Lager brewed using only German hops which include Polaris, Hallertau Blanc, and Hull Melon.
  • Hansharo Hyoro Triple – A 6% Belgian tripel which uses three times the amount of malt as normal and that it’s fermented using Belgian yeast.
  • Hansharo Indra – A 7.5% American IPA that was first released in November 2016.
  • Hansharo Juicy Bullet – A 6% New England India Pale Lager that takes an IPA and brews it with lager yeast instead of ale yeast.
  • Hansharo Kamugi – A 5% English pale ale brewed using locally roasted coffee beans from Ferret Coffee.
  • Hansharo Kiirotsubaki –  A 5% English summer ale brewed using imported Boadicea hops from the UK.
  • Hansharo Mikado – A 9.5% Russian imperial stout that is part of their winter lineup of beers. It contains Phoenix,  Admiral, and Bramling Cross hops.
  • Hansharo Mousho Hazy IPA – A 7% NE-IPA primarily brewed using Cascade hops.
  • Hansharo Nagomi Brown Porter – A 5% Brown Porter
  • Hansharo Natsu Da! Yama Da! Blonde Ale – A 6% blonde ale brewed with Vic Secret hops produced in Australia and first released to brewers in 2011.
  • Hansharo Nouhei Steam – A 5% California Common brewed using two relatively new hops from Germany with Polaris and Junga being paired up to bring the bittering and aroma respectively. It’s part of their spring seasonal lineup.
  • Hansharo Ochaya-san’s Hōjicha Ale – A 5% speciality beer brewed using hojicha, a kind of green tea that has been roasted instead of steamed, that was grown on the premises of the Kuraya Narusawa complex.
  • Hansharo Ryūjō Strong Bitter – A 6% ESB named after Hojyo Shinkumu, who built a mountain castle in the area centered around Ryusikuyama which became an important hub of domination of Izu over five generations
  • Hansharo Sumeragi – A 10% Barleywine and is part of their winter seasonal lineup though it was first released in December 2016.
  • Hansharo Tamayura Brut Bakushu IPA – A 6% Brut IPA brewed with wine yeast.
  • Hansharo Temari Asobi IPA – A 7% Belgian IPA named after the small ball toys that kids play with in Japan traditionally made from old kimonos.
  • Hansharo Wheat Lager Blanc – A 5% American wheat lager that was first released in 2017.
  • Hansharo Yama Da! Koyo Da! Wheat Ale – A 5% American wheat ale and its name  roughly translates to “Look at the mountains! Look at the falling leaves!”

Hansharo Beer Articles

Hansharo Beer Details

Address: 268-1 Naka, Izunokuni-shi, Shizuoka Prefecture

Phone: (055) 949-1208

Homepage (in Japanese):

Online Store:

SNS: Facebook / Twitter

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