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Hansharo Biere De Kidaru Soushi by Hansharo Beer

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Hansharo Biere De Kidaru Soushi is an 8% bier de garde from Hansharo Beer, based in Shizuoka, Japan. It’s part of their Autumnal seasonal lineup, with this one being available in bottles and on tap. Hansharo Biere De Kidaru Soushi is first brewed and then the resultant batch is split into two different kinds of wood barrels – one being made from acacia wood, and the other having been used for storing wine. The final beer is then made from a 25% / 75% blend of the beer, which is then dry hopped with American Amarillo hops.

Hansharo Biere De Kidaru Soushi 反射炉ビエールド木樽草子Hansharo Biere De Kidaru Soushi 反射炉ビエールド木樽草子 2

Hansharo Biere De Kidaru Soushi Aroma and Taste

Hansharo Biere De Kidaru Soushi poured out a dark golden orange colour with a plump white head on top that lingered throughout drinking. There was a subtle peach and fruity aroma with some hints of phenolic yeast funk coming along for the ride too. The malts brought a slight caramel candied sweetness to the aroma as well once Hansharo Biere De Kidaru Soushi had warmed up somewhat. I have to be honest and say that the last few batches of beers from Hansharo seemed infected and I was worried about Hansharo Biere De Kidaru Soushi – but not! It was fine.

The body to Hansharo Biere De Kidaru Soushi was fruity and dry. Combined with with the subtle grape flavours, it reminded me of a dry white wine. The phenolic fruitiness from the yeast was among the flavours too, with some peach and orange notes just piercing through. The most prominent flavour was the candied sugar-like sweetness to Hansharo Biere De Kidaru Soushi, with it reminding me of a toffee apple – all the sugar and a slight bite to it. Hansharo Biere De Kidaru Soushi finished off with the phenolic fruitiness leaving a long-lasting flavour on the tongue.

Hansharo Biere De Kidaru Soushi The Bottom Line

Hansharo Biere De Kidaru Soushi is a bier de garde, but with such a wide possibility of flavours that a bier de garde is, Hansharo Biere De Kidaru Soushi doesn’t fail to live up to the style.


Where to Buy Hansharo Biere De Kidaru Soushi

Hansharo Biere De Kidaru Soushi can be bought online at the following places:

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