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Hansharo Juicy Bullet by Hansharo Beer Brewing

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Hansharo Juicy Bullet is a 6% New England India Pale… Lager?! It’s brewed by, you guessed it, Hansharo Beer Brewing.

Hansharo Juicy Bullet Aroma and Taste

Well, this is getting ridiculous. We’re going several layers deep here, what with the NEIPA (New England IPA, come on, you knew that) being a subset of IPAs, and IPLs (India Pale Lagers) being likewise in their style. So we’ve got a Venn diagram with a tiny sliver in the middle, where this beer resides, and where probably nobody is asking for it: a hazy lager that is light on the bitterness and slightly higher in alcohol content. It’s all a bit… busy, to be honest. Like they’re trying a bit too hard. But let’s not dwell on names and labels. How is it?

Well, have a look. Pouring it, Hansharo Juicy Bullet looks like your usual NEIPA. Hazy all the way. Rob would be thrilled. The hops, too, are more on the softer, fruity side. There’s a lot of tropical fruit and peach in there, along with a smidgen of pine.


Tasting it, I was pleased to see that I’d gotten a fresh one: The flavour is very clean and light, as a lager should be. The bitterness hung around in the aftertaste, but it wasn’t all in your face up front. There’s a slight sweetness here, and of course a lot of juice (juuuuuuiceeeee). But, well, it didn’t blow my mind. It was a bit of a damn squib.

Hansharo Juicy Bullet: The Bottom Line

Hansharo Juicy Bullet is trying to be too many things and it ends up not being particularly good at any of them. There are much better NEIPAs around (though you’d be hard pressed to find a decent domestic one), and certainly better IPLs available.

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