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Takadanobaba Bakushu Kobo in Takadanobaba, Tokyo

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Takadanobaba Bakushu Kobo One Paragraph Review

If you haven’t been to one of the Bakushu Kobos before as they’ve been “too far” then Takadanobaba Bakushu Kobo is the best choice out of the bunch. It doesn’t offer the best beers though they are cheap and at least this one isn’t decked out in wood and hessian sacks across the place. Like the rest of them, all the prices include tax and there isn’t any table charge and the whole bar, both inside and out, is non-smoking. There isn’t any WiFi nor are the menus in English at all.

Takadanobaba Bakushu Kobo Inside

Much better inside than the other wooden Bakushu Kobos

Takadanobaba Bakushu Kobo Full Review

If you’ve read our Bakushu Kobo review in Koenji then Takadanobaba Bakushu Kobo should come as no surprise to you. It’s the sixth iteration of the craft beer brew pubs along the Chuo line but this time they’ve encroached into Tokyo, specifically Takadanobaba. Without wanting to rehash most of that review, this one is going to be much shorter.

The inside of Takadanobaba Bakushu Kobo thankfully has moved away from plywood everywhere and is actually a pleasant area inside. It’s very chilled out and lacks the hessian sacks of malts sprawled out over the floor. There is space for over fifty people inside, with a small treehouse-esque deck inside and about four tables outside, next to the main street. There isn’t any table charge either and the whole bar is non-smoking. In fact, I couldn’t see any smoking areas outside the bar either.

Takadanobaba Bakushu Kobo Beer Sizes
You don't have to worry about your beer getting warm with the growlers.
Takadanobaba Bakushu Kobo Beer 2 Blond
Blond ale
Takadanobaba Bakushu Kobo Beer 1 IPA1Takadanobaba Bakushu Kobo Beer 1 IPA
Takadanobaba Bakushu Kobo Beers on Tap
Prices vary depending on the strength of the beer.

The beers at Takadanobaba Bakushu Kobo follow the rest of the Bakushu Kobo’s and are brewed in-house; however, they aren’t necessarily very good so don’t go expecting much. The beers come in three sizes: small (300ml) for ¥400 to ¥500, bottle (500ml) for ¥600 to ¥700 and keg (1800ml) for ¥1,800 to ¥1,900 depending on the beer ordered. The main difference between this bar and the rest is that the two larger sizes come in growlers and you are free to pour yourself while keeping the beers cold. All the prices include tax though you do have to wash the growler yourself.

Takadanobaba Bakushu Kobo Food
Pretty much the same as the other Bakushu Kobo's
Takadanobaba Bakushu Kobo Food 2 Fish
Fish and Chips

The food is also similar to the other Bakushu Kobo’s, with sausages and other fried delights on the menu. The food menu, like the drink, is in Japanese only though the katakana and hiragana did make it slightly easier to understand. The fish and chips offered a good return for the money, considering it was only¥650.

Takadanobaba Bakushu Kobo Details

Open: Monday to Saturday 11:30 ~ 23:00 Sundays and holidays 11:30 ~ 22:00

Phone: 03-6457-6410

Happy Hour: None

Homepage (in Japanese): http://tabababeer.blogspot.jp/

How to Get to Takadanobaba Bakushu Kobo

The closest station to is Takadanobaba on the Seibu Shinjuku Line, Tokyo Metro Tōzai Line and Yamanote Line. If you come from the Yamanote Line or the Tōzai line, take the Waseda Exit and the bar is about five minutes away. If you come from the Seibu Shinjuku Line, take the Toyama Exit (North exit) and the bar is about a two minute walk from the station.

Directions from JR and T1ōzai Line
Directions from Seibu Shinjuku Line

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