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Karuizawa Kogen Belgian White by Yo-Ho Brewing

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Karuizawa Kogen Belgian White is a 4.5% witbier from Yo-Ho Brewing, based in Nagano, Japan. It was originally part of the seasonal lineup, with it first released back in 2012 but strangely enough, it has been rereleased in 2016, though whether it is part of a seasonal line up is unknown as there is no information about it on the can. It can be found in both cans and on tap at the Yona Yona Beer Kitchens across Japan.

Karuizawa Kogen Belgian White

Spicy with some hints of orange and coriander

Karuizawa Kogen Belgian White Aroma and Taste

Karuizawa Kogen Belgian White poured out a light golden colour with a large frothy white head on top that lingered for so long you could almost rely on it to still be there if you left it and then came back a few hours later. The beer had a slight whiff of orange and some faint hint of coriander though it did take a long inhale to catch it all. There was some hint of sweet malt in the end but only when Karuizawa Kogen Belgian White had warmed up.

The body, when chilled, had a pleasant crispness to it and also proved to be quite refreshing too – though only when chilled. There was also some hints of citrus and wheat in the body too that made me think – hang on, is this Suiyoubi no Neko in another form? Karuizawa Kogen Belgian White also had some classic hints of orange and coriander too. However, when it had warmed up, I didn’t enjoy this beer at all – it had a watery thin body to it along with some funky sour taste to it that lingered in the aftertaste.

Karuizawa Kogen Belgian White The Bottom Line

Karuizawa Kogen Belgian White is nothing special and not worth the hunt for.


Where to Buy Karuizawa Kogen Belgian White

Karuizawa Kogen Belgian White can be bought at Shinshu Osake Mura. Besides there, it hasn’t been seen in any of our regular online stores.

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