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Noge West End in Noge, Yokohama

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Noge West End The Bottom Line

Noge West End is El Nubichinom what should have turned out like. The former is a nice little sitting bar, with some good, well-conditioned beers on tap at reasonable prices, in a very chilled out old Japanese izakaya shop. It’s worth a visit if you’re in the area for some of rarer beers we’ve seen on tap. The food is also great as well – though if you’re a vegetarian then there could be some issues. The whole bar is non-smoking, doesn’t have a table charge, and tax is included in all of the prices. The only problem with Noge West End is that here is officially no standing drinking – so if you turn up and it’s full up, then you either have a trek back to Yokohama / Kannai or a wait for a table.

Noge West End Inside

Could you have guessed that this was once a Japanese izakaya?

Noge West End Full Review

After going to El Nubichinom a few times, I lamented the fact that the place is all standing, and a tad pricey for beers. Ok, it has a nice view over the River Ooo, or Oookawa, but then when you’re paying almost ¥1,000 for a small beer, you want something more for your money. And that’s where Noge West End comes in. It’s the sister bar and owned by the same person too. It opened in 2016, and is deemed to be an experimental bar – if it’s popular, then it will continue to operate.

Noge West End is located in the Noge district, about five-minute walk from Hinodecho station on the Keikyu Line, or about 10 minutes from Sakuragicho and Kannai stations on the JR Lines. It’s located in an old Japanese izakaya building and still has the banner of the previous store outside. Kind of funny story but on the day I went, two elderly man walked in and were surprised to see that it had changed to a craft beer bar. They didn’t stay as they wanted the previous place. There is space for ten people at the counter, with two tables against the wall but unfortunately, there is officially no standing room for drinking. Best to make a booking it seems. There isn’t any table charge though so that’s always a bonus and the whole bar is non-smoking as well.

Noge West End Beer 1 Beer Listing
Prices include tax and beers change daily.
Noge West End Beer 1 Shiroyama Kokuto Stout
Shiroyama Kokuto Stout
Noge West End Beer 4 Shiroyama Maasagu IPA
Shiroyama Maazaku IPA: if there are herbs in there then it imparted an unusual taste.
Noge West End Beer2 Beer Flight
Four beers for 1,400yen. pretty pricey.

There are usually anywhere between four to six beers on tap at Noge West End, though as the bar is new, they are opening the taps up slowly. The beers coming in two sizes: small (200ml) for ¥700 and medium (350ml) for ¥900. There is also a four beer tasting set for ¥1,400 which gets you four 100ml different beers of your choice. Not the best value tasting set we’ve come across – far from it in fact. There is also Japanese cider available as well, but those prices were too much for us – a champagne glass worth’s for about ¥900 – no thanks. All of the prices include tax though so besides the tasting set, it’s usual Yokohama prices it seems. For those eagle eyed readers, yes the glasses are the same that are served in El Nub.

Noge West End Food 1
Grilled smoked mozzarella cheese and tomato caprese.
Noge West End Food 2
Simple cheese pizza on a taco base.
Noge West End Food 3
魚前菜 - fish appetiser

The food at Noge West End is designed to be paired up with the beers you’re drinking – so that means no chips to review. Without wanting to make a fuss at the staff, and also without wanting to get barred as I would like to come back here again, other food was ordered, and it was really nice, if not a little pricey for the size you got. I guess if you were to eat slowly or had a tiny stomach, you would be ok but if you’re like me, next time, get some food beforehand.

Noge West End Details

Open: Monday to Wednesday 18:00 to 23:30 Friday to Sunday 18:00 to 23:30

Closed: Thursday

Phone: 045-231-0133

SNS: Facebook

How to Get to Noge West End

The closest station to Noge West End is Hinodecho in the Keikyu Line from Tokyo/Yokohama. Come out of the East exit and follow the map below. Noge West End can also be reached from Sakuragicho station as well.

Directions from Hinodecho Station
Directions from Sakuragicho Stations

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