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Home Bar Review Oriental Brewing Korinbo in Kanazawa, Ishikawa

Oriental Brewing Korinbo in Kanazawa, Ishikawa

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Oriental Brewing Korinbo The Bottom Line

Oriental Brewing Korinbo is a nice little place to pick up some locally made beers at a reasonable price if you can’t get to the main branch in Higashiyama. Unlike the Higashiyama branch, the focus is purely on Oriental Brewing’s beers, though there is plenty of choice in terms of styles. The whole is non-smoking, has no table charge, free WiFi and also includes English on their menus too. However, the prices do not include tax, so factor that in at the end of drinking. Oriental Brewing Korinbo is also family friendly so after a long day of shopping or walking, you can pop in and not worry about the kids too much.

Oriental Brewing Korinbo Inside ・オリエンタル・ブルーイング香林坊店店内

Oriental Brewing Korinbo The Full Review

With the success of the Higashiyama branch, Oriental Brewing was looking to expand and with this second store, opened in December 2017, Oriental Brewing Korinbo brings some of their beers closer to the heart of the main shopping and tourist area of Kanazawa. Unlike the Higashiyama branch, there is no brewing equipment at Oriental Brewing Korinbo so everything gets driven over during the day when the supplies run out.

Oriental Brewing Korinbo has space for about 40 people inside, with 10 seats at the counter and another 25 seats dotted around various table against the walls and one HUGE table in the middle of the room. There is also standing room too when it gets full up, but from our experience with bars in Kanazawa, that only happens during special events. The whole place is non-smoking and also has no table charge too. Oriental Brewing Korinbo also has free Wifi too, with the password posted on the menus around the bar.

Oriental Brewing Korinbo Beer 1 ・オリエンタル・ブルーイング香林坊店ビール1Oriental Brewing Korinbo Beer 2 ・オリエンタル・ブルーイング香林坊店ビール2Oriental Brewing Korinbo Beer 3・オリエンタル・ブルーイング香林坊店ビール3Oriental Brewing Korinbo Beer 4・オリエンタル・ブルーイング香林坊店ビール4

There are 8 taps on at Oriental Brewing Korinbo, with all but one  being dedicated to their own in-house beers. The other tap? Asahi Super Dry so you can come here with your non-craft beer drinking friends and family, then slowly convert them to the dark side. The beers come in one size of 350ml for ¥700 to ¥800 with the stronger beers being more expensive. There is also a monthly beer party on whereby you can get 5 hours of drinking for ¥2,500. There is no happy hour nor beer flights on and the prices do not include tax.

Oriental Brewing Korinbo Food 1・オリエンタル・ブルーイング香林坊店フード1Oriental Brewing Korinbo Food 2・オリエンタル・ブルーイング香林坊店フード2

The food at this branch of Oriental Brewing is more your usual izakaya-style with an upmarket twist – think meats but duck instead of beef. The chips are amazing – like Burger King but instead of being dredged in flour, they’re dredged in brewing yeast – and they’re amazing! All of the menus include English and the staff will also try and help you out too. Why is everyone so friendly here and not grumpy like in most places in Tokyo?

Oriental Brewing Korinbo Details

Open: Weekdays 16:00-23:00(L.O) Weekend 12:00-23:00(L.O)

Happy Hour: None

Phone: 076-256-0776


SNS: Facebook / Instagram

How to Get to Oriental Brewing Korinbo

Directions from Kanazawa Station

Directions from Nomachi Station

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