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Izu no Kuni Stout by Izu no Kuni Beer

by Rob
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Izu no Kuni Stout was first tried out at the Keyaki Hiroba Spring Festival and as such, I rushed downstairs, ditching some friends (sorry!) to find it in bottled form. Admittedly, I was drunk and ended up breaking one bottle of Izu no Kuni Climb in the process, so karma got comeback early. Izu no Kuni Stout is a 7% stout from Izu no Kuni Beer that is available in both cans and bottles. It is brewed, in the words of the brewer, with “copious amounts of roasted malt”, but then aren’t most stouts?

Izu no Kuni Stout

Extreme close-up!

Izu no Kuni Stout Aroma and Taste

First, if you can, click on the above picture and take a look at the wonderful picture. Look at those bubbles that make up the head – large brown/off-white bubbles that lie upon each other. The pitch black body as well hid the rising bubbles from the bottle of the IPA glass I decided. Wait. IPA glass for a stout?! No, I’m not mad but I read somewhere last week about beer glasses and how the improve certain beers. So that’s why Izu no Kuni Stout got poured into my IPA glass.

And it worked. Izu no Kuni Stout’s aromas of coffee and roasted coffee beans were stronger than I expected but that is the role of an IPA glass. A thick aroma of molasses or treacle was also present but thankfully it wasn’t as sweet as I would thought it would be.

The flavours of Izu no Kuni Stout were pretty intense for a stout with roasted coffee beans and deep chocolate flavours punching through and then laying upon the taste buds all velvety smooth. Among those flavours was some hop bitterness too, not enough to screw your face up or put you off, but enough to impart some much appreciated bitterness in the aftertaste.


Izu no Kuni Stout One Line Review

Izu no Kuni Stout is a nice, easy-drinking stout that I would definitely buy again if I find it.

Where to Buy Izu no Kuni Stout

Izu no Kuni Stout can be bought at the following places online:

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