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Fujizakura Heights Pils by Fuji Kanko Kaihatsu

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Fujizakura Heights Pils is a pilsner style beer brewed on a Czech style recipe. I’ve probably said it before, but I’ll say it again, pilsner beers are the most common type of beer in Japan. Most prefectures of Japan, if not all, have their own flower, food, and pilsner that represents them (that last part might be a lie). Yamanashi is represented by Fujizakura Heights Pils which is an award-winning beer and has won twenty awards since 2000.

Fujizakura Heights Pils

Every prefecture has a pilsner beer, Yamanashi is no different.

Fujizakura Heights Pils Aroma and Taste

Fujizakura Heights Pils is an interesting beer as soon as you pour it out. Not as in “wow, tell me more stories” interesting but, “that’s strange” interesting. It’s cloudy and has a deep orange hue, verging on golden, body to it. The head was light, frothy and stuck to the side of the glass like a toddler holds on to food. The aroma coming off of Fujizakura Heights Pils was grassy with some wheaty edge to it; the Saaz hops came through strongly on this one.

After getting my nose all frothy and white, that damned head would just not go, the body of Fujizakura Heights Pils was also “interesting”. It was mildly carbonated with a nice crisp bitterness to the body that belied its grassy and wheaty aroma. Hints of peach were noted as well as a little bit of a hoppy edge to it. Fujizakura Heights Pils did not have much of an aftertaste though, which was disappointing.

Fujizakura Heights Pils One Line Review

Fujizakura Heights Pils is a good example of a pilsner that is much better than the big four. Well worth trying but maybe too much Czech style going on for some people.


Where to Buy Fujizakura Heights Pils

We picked up our bottle of Fujizakura Heights Pils from Kōfu station, but it can also be bought online at the Fuji Kanko Kaihatsu homepage here.

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