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Chateau Kamiya Weizen by Ushiku Brewery

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Hefeweizens are fast catching up with pilsners as the style of beer in Japan and Chateau Kamiya Weizen is doing its best to ensure that the pilsners get no rest. It’s a 5% spring seasonal from Ushiku Brewery…wait…a seasonal hefeweizen, a turn up for the books. Let’s start again. It’s a 5% spring seasonal from Ushiku Brewery that is on sale from mid April until stocks last though with a shelf life of less than three months, it’s best to consume it when you buy it.

Chateau Kamiya Weizen
A spring seasonal that took us by surprise. You Won’t Believe What We Thought.

Chateau Kamiya Weizen Pre-Amble

We’ve had a fair few hefeweizens at BeerTengoku towers and they’ve ranged from REALLY nice to ok. It’s not a particular style of beer that we’d pick up off the shelf either, due to the lack of a crisp refreshing aftertaste that keeps us coming back for more too. Hefeweizens, while nice, have been a bit gloopy and syrupy at times, proving to be cloying on the palette and dragging on.

Chateau Kamiya Weizen Aroma and Taste

Right, pre-amble out of the way, Chateau Kamiya Weizen review on. Chateau Kamiya Weizen poured out like your typical hefeweizen with a deep cloudy golden colour laced adorned with a amount of thick, fluffy hea. It smelt like I expected it would do; lots of banana and wheat going on but never really sticking to the nostrils. There was also a kick of cloves in the end too back up the other aromas too.

Hefeweizens can either by light and fruity or thick and heavy, or so I have seen, and Chateau Kamiya Weizen falls very much in the second camp. The carbonation was quite high and paired with a creamy citrus flavour, was a tad cloying on my tongue. It was very much a sipper of as the flavours became a bit too much for my liking. It’s drinkable, if not quickly, and has lots of flavour too but too much for me.


Chateau Kamiya Weizen One Line Review

Chateau Kamiya Weizen is a drinkable hefeweizen but a tad too much flavour and carbonation going on for my liking.

Where to Buy Chateau Kamiya Weizen

Chateau Kamiya Weizen can only be bought at the Chateau Kamiya onsite store or their online store or at the brewery

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