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Songbird Dark Lavender by Brewery Songbird

by Rob
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Songbird Dark Lavender is a 4% Belgian ale from Songbird Brewery that is part of their winter lineup of beers. It’s brewed using fresh, locally sourced lavender during the primary fermentation stages and then bottled without any added lavender, so there’s no chance of any particulates floating around in your beer. It’s available in bottled form only at the time of writing.

Songbird Dark Lavender

Like an exploding sack of pot pourri on your sense.

Songbird Dark Lavender Aroma and Taste

Let me get this out of the way first – a disclaimer if you will. I don’t like to hate or come down harshly on a beer unless I feel that it deserves it. Whilst I may discourage people from drinking mass produced bland beers, they still have something to offer; perhaps a cold, crispness at the end of a long day, or something cheap to drink before starting on the craft beer. However, I will also warn people about bad beers when needed to. Disclaimer aside…

Songbird Dark Lavender poured out a dark brown with a few bubbles on top that I guess could be considered to be a “head”. Those bubbles didn’t come together but they seemed to pop away into the beer. The smell coming off was horrendous – I shouldn’t apologise but sorry, it smelt like the pot pourri Fairy© had come along and dumped a bucket of the stuff up my nose. If you happen to like lavender then you could perhaps put up with this smell for a couple of seconds but no mortal could. There was no other smells coming off of it – it was seriously that strong and offensive.

The body wasn’t any better with the Pot Pourri Fairy© coming round for a second try and dumping more lavender on my tongue. I guess my burps and farts would smell nice for the next foreseeable day or so. Songbird Dark Lavender is simply undrinkable from start to the finish with the aftertaste reminding me of the damp smell that cardboard has when it’s left out in the rain.


Songbird Dark Lavender One Line Review

Songbird Dark Lavender is an atrocious beer that simply should not exist.

Where to Buy Songbird Dark Lavender

Go buy some pot pourri and dump it into your dark lager. Cheaper and at least you get something else.

If you REALLY want to buy this beer, then the following places online have it:

I got my bottle from Liquors Hasegawa.

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