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Shonan Beer Pilsner by Kumazawa Brewing

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Shonan Beer Pilsner is one of the stalwarts of the Shonan Beer range but in the past, I’ve usually avoided buying it as regular readers will know that Japan has pilsners left, right, and centre on sale, so I try to find other styles of beers instead. This bottle of Shonan Beer Pilsner was a present from a friend who knows I like craft beer. Guess I had no excuse really not to drink it?

Shonan Beer Pilsner

Golden yellow body? Check. Thin white head? Check. It’s a pilsner, boss.

Shonan Beer Pilsner Aroma and Taste

If there were a checklist for making sure that a beer is a certain style, then Shonan Beer Pilsner would pass the pilsner checklist with flying colours and perhaps be the landmark for Japanese pilsners. The hop aroma was there although not offensive or scary like an American double, or even single, IPA would be, but light and crisp. Besides the hops, there was not much else going in, except the faintest of hints of malts in the mix. Shonan Beer Pilsner looked a decent pilsner too; golden-yellow body with a thin amount of head on top that didn’t dissipate too quickly.

Ever since I started drinking at the ripe old age of 15, look I was bored in the UK and all my friends lived miles and miles away, lagers were the first beers we could get out hands on. Pilsners were generally the de facto choice such as Pilsner Urquell or Budvar and have the strongest memories for me. While Shonan Beer Pilsner is good, the taste does not compare to either of those two. It is hoppier than in the initial aroma but not on the scale of an American IPA. There was also a subtle sourness to the aftertaste but even though it is noticeable, it won’t get your face all screwed up.

Shonan Beer Pilsner One Line Review

Shonan Beer Pilsner was a pleasant surprise considering the Shonan Beer Schwarz was not well received.


Where to Buy Shonan Beer Pilsner

Shonan Beer Pilsner can be bought at all Mokichi restaurants listed here. Moreover, Sakaya Okadaya also sells it here.

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