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Burger Mania Ebisu in Ebisu, Tokyo

by Rob

Burger Mania Ebisu TL;DR

With tasty hamburgers and a wide range of beers, Burger Mania Ebisu could be a great place to sit and chat in a chilled atmosphere, but the prices are very expensive for beers that can be found for cheaper up in Shibuya. The non-smoking area means that you can enjoy the beers and food though without the threat of tobacco hanging over you.

Burger Mania Ebisu Full Read

A burger restaurant being reviewed on BeerTengoku?! What’s going to happen next – the local kaiten sushi place that a little elderly couple run? Well, we like craft beer and we like places that sell craft beer. Not one or two regular ones, but have a variety on tap, which Burger Mania Ebisu has. Oh, it also has very nice hamburgers too but that’s a byline under the review.

Burger Mania Ebisu

Burger Mania is a chain of hamburger restaurants open in Tokyo: Ebisu, Hiro-o, and Shirokane but they all offer the same menu besides a couple of limited edition burgers. Moreover, Burger Mania started selling domestic craft beer from early 2015 at all their locations. Burger Mania Ebisu is located on the east side of the JR / Tokyo Metro Hibya Line station and is easily found on the main road. It has seating both inside and an area open to the elements throughout the year, so you can watch the cars drive by while you sip on some beer.


Burger Mania Ebisu Inside Rather kitsch, wouldn’t you say?

The inside of Burger Mania Ebisu is very much styled like an old country store with old-fashioned radiators, taps, and chairs dotted around to create a fairly laid-back environment along with old rickety chairs that need to be used with care after a couple of beers. With the windows open, there is a nice breeze that comes through and thankfully it’s non-smoking too, so no tobacco smell breezing through. There was no wi-fi available either so take your phone if you wish to log your beers.

The beer list at Burger Mania Ebisu is simple enough – there are usually six taps on and each tap is of a different style of beer that rotates between domestic craft beer and also imported US craft beer as well. The size different varieties are usual a lager, a pale ale, an IPA, a white beer or weizen, a stout and also a special beer. At times, there has been as many as twelve taps on at Burger Mania Ebisu with various styles so there is bound to be something you want to drink. Beers come in three different sizes: tasting size at 200ml for ¥550, regular at 370ml for ¥880 and large at 474ml at ¥1100. There is also a tasting set of three tasting glasses for ¥1500 as well as an option for growlers and cans to be filled up but prices vary depending on the size of the container.

Burger Mania Ebisu Menu
Six styles that rotate between Japanese and US.
Burger Mania Ebisu Beer 1
Shonan Beer Lemongrass Hopper by Kumazawa Brewing. Review: https://beertengoku.com/2015/09/shonan-lemongrass-hopper-by-kumazawa-brewing/
Burger Mania Ebisu Beer 2
Minoh 18th Anniversary Stout

The food menu at Burger Mania Ebisu is mainly centred around hamburgers; however, there are sides available throughout the day. There is also a lunch menu for the hamburgers from 11:00 to 16:00 whereby all hamburgers come with fries at the size you wish, either regular or large, and also a tiny tiny salad at no extra cost in price. The side dishes consist of chips, onion rings, and other fried assorted food but the menu is extensive. There isn’t a table charge per se; however, if you’re at Burger Mania Ebisu after 10pm, then there is a 5% charge added to your beer.

Burger Mania Ebisu Food Menu 1
Too many photos of food to take.
Burger Mania Ebisu Food Menu 1

Burger Mania Ebisu Details

Open: Daily 11:00 ~ 24:00 (L.O Food 23:00 Drinks 23:30)

Phone: 03-6277-4221

Website: http://www.burger-mania.com/

Social Network: Facebook Page

How to Get to Burger Mania Ebisu

Burger Mania Ebisu is located in Ebisu, about five minutes from the JR Yamanota / Shonan Shinjuku / Saikyo line station and Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line station.

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pudgym29 December 19, 2015 - 6:39 pm

I suspect the proprietors here took note of what the Kua’Aina hamburger chain was doing with serving Kona Brwg. Co.‘s craft beer.
It looks intriguing. I’ll add it to the long list for the next time I’m in Tokyo. If I can pull myself away from Ippudo ramen, which is also very close to here.
If you want to go where I think the venue has free wi-fi, backtrack up the avenue to The Footnik soccer bar @ 1-11-2 Ebisu. Its beers are merely average, but there’s no cover charge.

Rob December 21, 2015 - 9:32 pm

It’s not a craft beer bar by any means and expensive compared to the hub on the opposite side of the station.

pudgym29 December 21, 2015 - 8:08 am

I deduce it observed what is occurring with Kua’Aina burger shops serving craftbeer (e.g. Kona Brwg. Longboard Lager, et alia). I may go here. If I can pull myself away from Ippudo Ramen nearby.
If you do not have your own wi-fi network, stroll back up the avenue to Footnik – the soccer bar. One year when in Japan, I began filling out the postcards I was sending back to North America there. I had a sheet of pre-printed address labels. I stopped when on the last postcard, I couldn’t make out what I had scribed. The beers were not necessarily craftbeers, but they were satisfactory.


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