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Home Beer Review Iwate Kura Weizenbock by Sekiuchi Shuzo

Iwate Kura Weizenbock by Sekiuchi Shuzo

by Rob
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Iwate Kura Weizenbock is a 7% weizenbock brewed by Iwate Kura Beer that is available from winter onwards for a limited time. It is brewed using a German recipe that includes 1.5 times the usual amount of … I guess in those cold nights, Iwate Kura Weizenbock would be a good buzz to warm you up.

Iwate Kura Weizenbock

For those lonely cold winter nights, grab a Iwate Kura Weizenbock.

Iwate Kura Weizenbock Aroma and Taste

We’ve been on a roll with our weizenbocks of late as it’s important to get some variety in your diet to ensure you get all those essential vitamins and nutrients. We were talking with a random person in Bee Republic a while back and he recommended that we aged Iwate Kura Weizenbock for a few months. So we did. Three months to be exact.

Iwate Kura Weizenbock held up well to our mini aging process and poured a deep orange colour with a fair amount of frothy white head. This weizen glass of ours seems to execebate the carbonation of any beer we put into it but it’s a pain having to wait for a beer to settle. The wheat base from the weizen is present in droves with just the merest hints of cloves and bananas but it’s a sickly sweetness that eminates the most off of Iwate Kura Weizenbock.

That sickly sweetness isn’t enough to put me off, no. Iwate Kura Weizenbock finally settled and the body didn’t have the same level of sweetness that the aroma possessed. The trifecta of weizens: wheat, bananas, and cloves made its expected appearance though a medicinal stickiness a la Calpol was also present during the tasting. More of the strawberry / cherry variety than the orange. Not unpleasant though it could be too much for some. Iwate Kura Weizenbock finished off with a hoppy bitterness to it that had me wondering what hops had been used to produce it.


Iwate Kura Weizenbock One Line Review

Iwate Kura Weizenbock is a good weizenbock though the sickly sweetness in conjunction with the Calpol taste was a bit strange at first.

Where to Buy Iwate Kura Weizenbock

Iwate Kura Weizenbock can be bought from the Iwate Kura Beer homepage here. At the time of writing, we got our bottle from Nomono in Akihabara though we have seen it at GoodBeer.

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