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Hyappa Ale Capone by Hyappa Brews

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Hyappa Ale Capone is a 5% Irish ale from Hyappa Brews, based in Aichi, Japan. It’s part of their all-year round range that can be found in both bottles and on tap at their brewpub. Like many other Hyappa Brews beers, Hyappa Ale Capone is based around a pun, though this one is perhaps one of the easiest to guess, especially with Al Capone emblazoned on the front – I wonder what his family think of his image being used in this way? So many puns – surely Hyappa Brews must be employing a comedian to think of all these names for their beers? I can’t come up with any puns at the best of times.

Hyappa Ale Capone

So punny!

Hyappa Ale Capone Aroma and Taste

Hyappa Ale Capone poured out a deep copper-red colour with a slightly off-white head that was tinged with flecks of red. The head had some impressive staying power, just like Al Capone did himself though unlike Al Capone, the head lasted for a long time, lingering on right until the end. It had a strong malty aroma, with an earthy nose to it that contrasted against the caramel sweetness.

When cold, Hyappa Ale Capone is very easy drinking and perhaps that’s the best way to have it. The sweetness was toned down when chilled, and had some chocolate notes to it as well. Hyappa Ale Capone was quite dry throughout drinking, but after it had warmed up, the sweetness was more forward than the hop flavours which were earthy and brought some spicy warmth as a final flourish to it. There wasn’t much of an alcohol kick to it.

Hyappa Ale Capone The Bottom Line

Hyappa Ale Capone is a decent example of an Irish ale and would definitely try it again – if I could find it.


Where to Buy Hyappa Ale Capone

Hyappa Ale Capone can be ordered direct from the brewery.

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