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August Beer IPA by August Beer

by BeerTengoku Writer
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August Beer IPA. One of our go-to-beers at August Beer Club ‘B’ in Hiroo, reviewed here has finally been tracked down in bottle form. August Beer IPA is brewed like August Beer Lager, at the Gotemba Kogen Brewery in Shizuoka and is made from three different malts and four different kinds of hops.

August Beer IPA

One of our go to beers in bottled form finally.

August Beer IPA Aroma and Taste.

Just before drinking this beer, I broke my beloved IPA glass *sniff sniff* so please send me a new one! I went back to my tried and tested IKEA straight glass for August Beer IPA and it poured out surprisingly well. It had a golden, straw-like colour to the body and a large, frothy head that dissipated slowly and produced a gentle pine nose with a dash of citrus hoppiness.

At 7%, August Beer IPA packs a punch in the Japanese IPA market, but it does not taste like a 7% beer. Nor does it taste overly hopped. The initial bite of the sharp hops blends into a grapefruit end with some a smattering of hops. Again, August Beer IPA doesn’t taste like an overly hopped IPA so it can be a bit of a let down for those expecting a smack around the head from the four different hops, though it does finish off dry and malty.

August Beer IPA One Line Review

August Beer IPA is a damned good IPA that tastes as good in the bottle as it does on draft.


Where to Buy August Beer IPA

August Beer IPA can be drunk on draft at August Beer Club in Roppongi or in Hiroo. If you want the bottle version, then it can be bought online from the August Beer Club online store here as part of a set. We bought our bottle from World Beer Market in Kita-Senju’s online store here.

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1 comment

Christopher Phillips October 21, 2015 - 1:15 pm

I had it Thursday in August beer club and found it very boozy, seemed like 8% to me. Smelled it, too.
Like other gotenba kogen beers once they go over 5.5-6%. Gotenba weizen bock is also a very boozy beer.
I found this a little heavy, fruity and boozy. Almost like a DIPA or half way there.
It’s not my fav of the IPAs out there and for me, the weakest of the beers on offer that evening.


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