North Island India Pale Ale by North Island Beer

North Island IPA

North Island India Pale Ale is a 7% IPA from North Island Beer, based in Hokkaido, Japan. I don’t really get the chance to drink North Island beer- the last one I had was back in 2014, as far as I recall. This time around, I got a three-bottle set of North Island from a kind coworker- those of you …


Baird Red Comet Collaboration IPA by Baird Beer

Baird Red Comet Collaboration IPA

Baird Red Comet Collaboration IPA is a 5.5% IPA from Baird Beer, based in Shizuoka, Japan. It was first brewed back in February 2016, and first on sale in July 2016. It’s part of a collaborative effort with Funk Estate, a New Zealand based craft beer brewery. It’s brewed with a mixture of New Zealand Motueka & Nelson Sauvin grown …


Outsider Enigma IPA by Outsider Brewing

Outsider Enigma IPA is a 6% IPA from Outsider Brewing that was first released at the Japan Brewers’ Cup in January 2016. It took the gold medal to become Japan’s best IPA for 2016 and is brewed using Enigma hops sourced from Australia. At the time of writing, Outsider Enigma IPA is a draft only beer with no plans for it …


Ise Kadoya Grapefruit India Pale Ale by Ise Kadoya

Ise Kadoya Grapefruit India Pale

Grapefruit and IPAs tend to go hand-in-hand due it seems with hops, such as Chinook, Cascade and Legacy , imparting a natural grapefruit flavour but without the need for grapefruit itself. With Ise Kadoya Grapefruit India Pale, they’ve gone for the double whammy of using aforementioned hops AND grapefruit – either whole or juice – in the mix as well to …


Ise Kadoya Triple Hop IPA by Ise Kadoya

Ise Kadoya Triple Hop IPA

This may be a Ise Kadoya Triple Hop IPA but it certainly does not pack your usual triple IPA punch of alcohol as it comes in at 6% but it is an IPA for sure. It is brewed with three different hops, hence the name, which include Simcoe, Citra, and Amarillo thrown in for good measure. Unfortunately, it is a limited …

Chateau Kamiya IPA by Ushiku Brewery

Chateau Kamiya IPA

Ushiku Brewery are catching up with other breweries in Japan that once focussed on traditional German styles and have produced their version of an IPA: Chateau Kamiya IPA. Unlike other breweries though, Chateau Kamiya IPA is a summer seasonal only with no plans to extend it’s life to throughout the year. It is a 7% American IPA style beer that won Asia’s Beer …

Kyoto Machiya Hannari IPA by Kinshi Masamune Shuzo

Kyoto Machiya Hannari IPA

Kyoto Machiya Hannari IPA is an IPA by Kinshi Masamune Shuzo. The beer itself is a collaboration between Kinshi Masamune Shuzo and sellers of great Japanese craft beer, Yamaoka Saketen. Kyoto Machiya Hannari IPA is also a seasonal special and there is very little information about when it is on sale, though I got this on a recent trip to Kyoto. Kyoto Machiya …

Iwate Kura IPA by Sekinoichi Shuzo

Iwate Kura IPA

Iwate Kura IPA is Sekinoichi Shuzo’s main IPA that is produced all year round. It is based on the traditional IPA recipes that were once drunk after the long journey from the UK to India. Iwate Kura IPA is brewed with four times the regular amount of hops and won silver at the 2006 International Beer Competition. Iwate Kura IPA Aroma …

Minoh Osaru IPA by Minoh Beer

Minoh Osaru IPA

Minoh Osaru IPA, aka the monkey beer according to a young family member, is a beer that started out as a seasonal beer from Minoh Beer, though it has ended up as being a quasi-regular beer now. Perhaps. Minoh Osaru IPA was first released to celebrate the Snow Monkey Beer Live 2013 event and is brewed using three different American hops. …

Johana Masaji the Great! Ore no Aji by Johana Beer

Johana Masaji the Great! Ore no Aji by Johana Beer

Johana Masaji the Great! Ore no Aji is a beer brewed annually as part of the Masaji Beer Project, an annual celebration to the life of Masaji. The 2015 version is the second time that it has been brewed and Johana Masaji the Great! Ore no Aji is a 6% IPA beer. We tried to get it on tap once at Craft …