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Bayern Meister Edel Weiss by Bayern Meister Bier

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Bayern Meister Edel Weiss is a 5.5% German hefeweizen from Bayern Meister Bier, based in Shizuoka, Japan. It’s brewed to a south German Bayern recipe which means it’s top fermented and contains lots of live yeast. The beer came about because the owner at Bayern Meister Beer missed this style of beer when he came to Japan. At the time of writing, Bayern Meister Edel Weiss can be found in bottles though we’re yet to come across it on tap on our beer travels.

Bayern Meister Edel Weiss

Huge, soapy orange colour.

Bayern Meister Edel Weiss Aroma and Taste

Chiba. I picked this beer up in the most random of places in Chiba – Mother Farm. I’ve yet to come across it anyway and heard lots of good things about it from people. Bayern Meister Edel Weiss poured out a huge soapy orange colour – it really smelt like that special orange cleaner that people were raving on about a few years ago. Once that initial shock had died down, there were some subtle aromas of coriander and spice, followed by some banana wafts that gradually increased as it warmed up.

If the aroma was mixed then the body left no doubts – it was simply beautiful – full of bananas and cloves and a nice wheaty texture to it. It reminded me of those German hefeweizens that I had on a trip long ago and fell in love with. The banana flavour lingered on right through to the aftertaste though it did leave a sticky residue on the tongue for a bit.

Bayern Meister Edel Weiss One Line Review

Bayern Meister Edel Weiss is a great example of a hefeweizen – just a shame it’s so hard to find.


Where to Buy Bayern Meister Edel Weiss

Bayern Meister Edel Weiss can be bought online at the following places:

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