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Shonan Beer Schwarz by Kumazawa Brewing

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The beer of buddha, if the label is to be believed. Or a beer supplied by Buddha through his personal supply perhaps. Shonan Beer Schwarz is sponsored by the Big B himself and comes packaged with his mug on your bottle. During the winter months though, it’s a bit cold for the Big B and Father Christmas / Santa Claus adorns the bottle with his gleeful smile.

Shonan Beer Schwarz

This also comes in a Christmas label. With the same taste.

Shonan Beer Schwarz Aroma and Taste

Shonan Beer Schwarz looks like something that had come out of the sullen Big B. Even his face showed his displeasure of a mere mortal opening the bottle. Big B looks so displeased that it began to put me off from drinking this. The head was large and frothy, perhaps a bit too lively for my liking, and had a brownish hue to it that merged with the murky brown body. Perhaps the Big B had offered up some of his own personal supply. Shonan Beer Schwarz didn’t smell much like a schwarzbier with hints of butter and a sweetness that felt out of place.

With the weird pungent aroma sitting at the back of my olfactory sense, Shonan Beer Schwarz had a difficult time in convincing me to drink it. It looked like a schwarzbier but certainly didn’t smell like one at all. After one sip, I knew the game was up. The immediacy of the brackish tinge, almost on a par with a sour beer level, didn’t appeal in the slightest. I am yet to throw a craft beer down the sink and I refuse to do it now, but Shonan Beer Schwarz came close to the sink hole. The sourness flowed right through to the aftertaste. Please. Someone. Make it end…

Shonan Beer Schwarz One Line Review

Shonan Beer Schwarz. Just say “No”.


Where to Buy Shonan Beer Schwarz

If you really want to try Shonan Beer Schwarz, then you can buy it easily around the Shōnan area. However, Shonan Beer Schwarz can be bought at all Mokichi restaurants listed here. Moreover, Sakaya Okadaya also sells it here.

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