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World Gourmet in Yokohama

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Gourmet. Take a minute to think about that word. What does it mean to you? Fine food? Delicious drink? An outlet to those who enjoy the finer things in life that naturally come at a premium price. What if I were to tell you the best things in life aren’t free? Nor do they have to be expensive either. Stumbling across World Gourmet, I was thrust into a shop where wines are next to champagne, next to whisky, and finally next to nihonshu. Smack bang in the middle of that is an area full of craft beers from Japan. We rarely venture outside of a bar environment, let alone Sogo, but needs must that day and needs prevailed.

World Gourmet is located at the far back left of Sogo department store in Yokohama on B2. I think. Sogo is a confusing building and floor numbers still perplex me after eleven plus years in Japan. Before I wander off-course like I did this day, World Gourmet can not be missed as you’ll have various types of alcohol thrust into your hand as you walk near it. Wine? Check. Nihonshi? Check. Beer? Too damned right check.

world gourmet yokohama

Some popular Japanese craft beers on sale here. Stocks of Aooni IPA were known to have depleted after our recent visit.

They can get out of my way, as can the cheese counter opposite although I went there later too as a decent beer and cheese go well, as all I want is the craft beer. The selection at World Gourmet is good. Of course it’s not a Le Collier in Tokyo station nor a Nomono in Akihabara, but it does have a good wide selection of beers that are known to rotate around throughout the year.

world gourmet yokohama 2

Don’t fret about the empty space. That was for Sankt Gallen El Diablo. New arrival coming soon.

When we went to World Gourmet, the selection of beers included Yokohama Brewery, Shonan Beer, Sankt Gallen, Hitachino Nest, Fujizakura Heights, Echigo Yuzawa, and Coedo among others. Prices were about par for craft beer in a department store and all prices included tax. In the past, World Gourmet has been known to sell beers from Brimmer Brewing (Kawasaki), Doppo (Okayama), Minoh Beer (Osaka), and Brewmaster (Fukuoka).


Finding craft beer bars in Yokohama is easy, with Thrash Zone and Beer Republic less than a ten minute walk from the station. There is Kannai just down the road, yet trying to find bottles to talk home is difficult. World Gourmet does a good job to stop the slide and I’ll be going back here again for some more beers.

World Gourmet Details

World Gourmet follows Sogo Department store hours so it is open everyday from 10:00am to 8:00pm.

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