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Kaze Soyogu Pils by Tazawako Kohan no Mori

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Kaze Soyogu Pils is sold at Queens Isetan stores across Japan, and is brewed by Tazawako Kohan no Mori. It is an award-winning beer for best-testing pilsner in Japan. The bottle comes in two variations: one with a tree, as seen below, and also an own-brand Queens Isetan label, by Green Q.

Kaze Soyogu Pils

One of two variations on the label. The other is a plain white label with Green Q.

Kaze Soyogu Pils Aroma and Taste

Kaze Soyogu Pils pours cloudy with a cream, frothy head out of the bottle and settles with a golden hazy colour. Kaze Soyogu Pils has a pleasant aroma that is slightly hoppy and fruity, with lemon and oranges being particular smells that comes through. Whilst pleasant, the aroma is not that strong, so you do have to get your nose wet to appreciate it.

Unfortunately, neither of the two fruity aromas follow through to the taste and it tastes like your typical standard pilsner, which is a little bitter and hoppy. The aftertaste was bitter with a slight dryness to it.

Kaze Soyogu Pils One-line Review

Kaze Soyogu Pils is a disappointing beer that is over-priced and not worth spending your money on.


Where To Buy Kaze Soyogu Pils

Kaze Soyogu Pils can be bought in Queens Isetan stores across the country.

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