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Craft Beer Picnic 2017

Apologies, since coming back from our holiday to the UK, BeerTengoku has taken its time to catch up with events and happenings of festivals and events. Craft Beer Picnic 2017 in Osaka was one of them that suffered. Held from Saturday 16th September to Monday 18th September, the concept is quite simple; a picnic in the park with craft beer and food.

The event, held at Nakanoshima Park, is open on the Saturday from 11:00 to 20:30 on all three days. At the time of writing, there has been no release of information about tickets but if it’s like previous events then Craft Beer Picnic in Osaka has an unusual way of buying drinks and food in that you pay ¥1,000 for a block of ten tickets, each costing ¥100 a piece which you then use to buy beer or food with. ¥500 will get you one 360ml glass of beer from any of the beer vendors, while food is priced differently depending on what you buy. Alternatively, you can pay ¥1,500 for a four-beer tasting set of beers from the 60 different types available

If the weather holds out, what with so many typhoons coming during that week, Craft Beer Picnic in Osaka looks like a welcome addition to the ever-expanding craft beer calendar. If you go, let us know.

Breweries Attending Craft Beer Picnic in Osaka

Confirmed breweries so far are:

Some of these breweries are also brewing some special edition craft beers for the event so make sure you get there early for them

How to Get tickets for Craft Beer Picnic 2017 in Osaka

Tickets can be bought on the day so need to buy them in advance.

Craft Beer Picnic 2017 in Osaka Details:

Homepage (in Japanese):

SNS: Facebook / Twitter

How to Get to Craft Beer Picnic 2017 in Osaka

The closest station to Craft Beer Picnic in Osaka is Naniwabashi Station on the Keihan Nakanoshima Line. Take exit 4 and Nakanoshima park is right in front of you.

Craft Beer Picnic in Osaka Details

Website: Craft Beer Picnic in Osaka

Others: Twitter / Facebook 

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