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BeerTengoku Competition Information

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Japanese Craft BeerFREE BEER!!

Now we have your attention.
From January 1st, BeerTengoku is going to be running a competition where you can win  6 free beers simply by liking and sharing our content.
There are some rules to it though.

1) Everyone is welcome to participate in it, but we can only ship the beers to Japan due to customs. If you win and don’t live in Japan, then let us know of someone you want us to send it to and we can.

2) You MUST like the BeerTengoku on Facebook or twitter to be entered in to it. If you already do like us, then you’re in.

BeerTegnoku Facebook
Like us on Facebook, @beertengoku
BeerTengoku Twitter
Follow us on Twitter @tengokubeer

3) You MUST share three of our beer articles published on BeerTengoku in January. You will then receive those 2 (two) each of those beers if you win. Don’t worry. A beer review will be posted everyday, so that means 31 beers to choose from.


4) If the beers are not in stock, then we will replace them with something of similar value. Don’t go emailing us to replace a 500yen bottle with a 3,000yen Saison. :p

5) The competition is open from January 1st 0:00 to February 1st 0:00.

Thanks to everyone for reading the articles and reviews on BeerTengoku. It motivates us more to drink and thus review.

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