2nd Story Ale Works Information

2nd Story Ale Works Logo

2nd Story Ale Works is a craft beer brewery located in Tokushima, on the island of Shikoku. The brewery opened in October 2018, and since then, they have gone on to make a variety of beers in a variety of styles, with their ethos being that beer should be fun, as should making it. At the time of writing, 2nd …


DD4D Brewing Information

DD4D Brewing Logo

DD4D Brewing is both a fashion store and brewpub located in Matsuyama, in Ehime, Shikoku. DD4D Brewing is actually the sister brewery to YYG Brewery and Beer Kitchen in Yoyogi, Tokyo, but this branch is headed by brewer Mike Donohue, who bewed at Flying Fish Brewery in New Jersey, and at the 21st Amendment Brewpub in San Francisco, California as an …

Kamikatz Rise & Win Brewing Information

Kamikatz カミカツ

Kamikatz Rise & Win Brewing is a craft beer brewery located in Tokushima, Japan. It’s part of a local effort under the slogan “zero waste, organic life”, which is reflected in both the beer and the food in they make. Kamikatz Rise & Win Brewing also specialise in BBQ food as well, with the same ethos towards their food with the …

Dogo Beer Information

Dogo Beer

Dogo Beer is a Japanese craft beer brewery located in Ehime, Japan. The brewery first started out in August 1996, and like many other breweries around the time, Dogo Beer started out as an off-shoot from a sake distillery, Minakuchi Shuzo. The sake distillery originally started out in 1895, during the Meiji era One of the unique points about Dogo Beer …

Umenishiki Yamakawa Information

Umenishiki Yamakawa Logo

Umenishiki Yamakawa is a Japanese craft beer brewery located in Ehime prefecture, Japan. Like most craft beer breweries after the relaxation of the laws in 1996,  they started life out as a sake distillery before making the move into beer production, way back in the Meiji period in 1872. They produce their beers used malts imported from Australia and hops from …