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Carvaan Bay Yokohama in Sakuragicho, Kanagawa

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Carvaan Bay Yokohama : The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a swanky place to show off a date, or some business clients, then Carvaan Bay Yokohama will be right up your street. However with the prices on offer, if you’re just wanting to try some of the beers then I would make the effort instead to go up to Carvaan Brewery & Restaurant in Hanno, Saitama and enjoy the views. The food is fantastic though at Carvaan Bay Yokohama, and the beers are solid representations of the styles.

Carvaan Bay Yokohama : The Full Revie

Ever since my first visit to Carvaan Brewery back in October 2020, I had been hankering for some of their food and beers – it’s not often I’ve thought that I’d love to go and eat some vegan food, but my gosh, that mezze plate I had almost three years ago at the time of writing has stuck with me ever since. The only issue is that for me, Hanno is not a place that I often have any reason to go to – it’s about a 3 hour one-way trip to get to the brewery for some of their food and beers. Since that day, Carvaan have expanded to a few more locations, with Carvaan Bay Yokohama being one of them (the other is in Shibuya, and Yokohama does have a delicatessen under the station but it’s not the same experience).

Carvaan Bay Yokohama opened in April 2022 and is located in the Colette Mare building that is right outside of JR Sakuragicho station – just make sure you take the west exit and not the New South Exit I did. In spite of having a craft beer map on my phone, there are times that I do take a wrong turn and end up getting a bit lost. Carvaan Bay Yokohama is on the 7F of the building – but more about that in a bit.

Carvaan Bay Yokohama : Atmosphere & Interior

Yes the view is perhaps not as nice as the view at the brewery location, with all its nature of trees and river, but there is something to be said about the view across Sakuragichi. At night time, Carvaan Bay Yokohama would be a great date spot, especially if you can get some of the counter seats overlooking the area, and see it all lit up. And the best view of all? In the toilets…The main downside to me on the day was that I was facing inside the restaurant and every time I looked around, I got blinded by the sunlight coming in – I know, delicate little me.


Carvaan Bay Yokohama has space for around 60 people inside, which is spread out over various tables and counter seats, with the majority of seating being the tables. There are a few bar counter seats as you come in, though I suspect that those are kept empty. The whole place is non-smoking, has no table charge, and there is also some free wifi. There was some light background music playing too, though it wasn’t enough to be heard over the conversations.

Carvaan Bay Yokohama : Beer & Tap Information

Take a deep breath, and make sure you come with money. Carvaan Bay Yokohama has 8 taps of craft beer on, with 4 taps being their regular lineup, and the others being their seasonal and limited edition beers that are brewed up in Hanno, Saitama. The beers come in two sizes: regular (350 ml) from 1,100 yen, and larger (490 ml) from 1,430 with the seasonal and limited edition beers being more expensive. I didn’t see any happy hour or beer flights on the menu either but thankfully the prices do include tax.

The beers are more expensive at Carvaan Bay Yokohama than at other location of Carvaan, about 400 yen, so if you’re wanting to try all of them, I’d actually suggest either finding some of their bottles online, or going to Hanno. It’s a shame really as the beers I had – their Steam beer and also their Belgian Wit, were pretty good representations of the style – it’s not often you seem a steam beer in Japan, with perhaps Brimmer California Common and Hansharo Nouhei Steam being two notable beers in the 10 years of BeerTengoku.

Carvaan Bay Yokohama : Food Information

I went to Carvaan Bay Yokohama during their lunch service time, so most of the menu was “off limits” to us, though the food at the place is based around Arabian food, like their other places. Which means it consists of dishes like the above of mezze, some tagine based dishes – the lamb and pomegranate that my friend had looked amazing and smelt divine. I had the above mixed dish of vegan food – like I said, it’s very rare that I dream about eating vegan food and it lived up to my memories. The menus do come in English in Japanese, though most of the descriptions for the food were in both, the beer menu had English titles only.

Carvaan Bay Yokohama : Bar Information

  • Open : Daily 11:00 – 16:00 (L.O 15:00) 17:00 – 22:00 (L.O Food 21:00 / Drink 21:30)
  • Closed : –
  • Happy Hour : –
  • Phone : 045-306-8380
  • Homepage (in Japanese) : https://carvaan.jp/shop/bay-yokohama/
  • Social Media : –

Carvaan Bay Yokohama : Location

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