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3rd Barrel Camp Hack by 3rd Barrel Brewery

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3rd Barrel Camp Hack is a 5.5% saison from 3rd Barrel Brewery based in Izumo, in Shimane, Japan. It’s part of their collaborative lineup, with this one being brewed in conjunction with Camp Hack, hence the name of the beer. 3rd Barrel Camp Hack can be found in both bottles and on draught though may not be available at the time of writing. All of the production of 3rd Barrel Camp Hack went into ensuring that it followed as many SDGs as possible, with recycling of the spent malt into the local farms as well as sustainable production using bottle conditioning to minimise carbon dioxide.

3rd Barrel Camp Hack

3rd Barrel Camp Hack : At A Glance

  • Alcohol: 5.5%
  • Style: Saison
  • Hops:
  • Adjuncts:
  • IBU:

Sale Information

  • Availability: Limited
  • On Sale: From August 2022
  • Size: 330 ml
  • Price: From ¥700

Aroma & Taste

  • Notable Aroma: Light citrus note of lemon along with yeast funk. Slight sweetness in the nose.
  • Notable Taste: Smooth citrus bitterness with yeasty phenols to style. Dry body with slight sweetness. Lingering phenols and no alcohol heat.

3rd Barrel Camp Hack : Aroma & Taste

3rd Barrel Camp Hack was very lively as it poured out of the bottle – lots of bubbles from the base of the glass meant a very generous head was generated that also needed some time to rest. The aroma was a solid mix of a light lemon nose with a hint of yeasty saison funk – very good balance of aromas on a slightly cooler than usual autumn day but 3rd Barrel Camp Hack really is a beer for summer. As it warmed up, there was a touch of malt sweetness present but not enough to detract from the citrus and phenol funk.

I do enjoy saisons and I enjoyed 3rd Barrel Camp Hack from the first sip to the end – it’s not going to set the world alight in terms of flavours but it is a solid well made saison. The light citrus note of lemon was balanced well against the yeast phenols that are ever present in saisons, and also had a slight tart edge to them. The body was dry with a hint of light pilsner malt flavour that brought an edge to 3rd Barrel Camp Hack. Combined with the yeasty phenols, 3rd Barrel Camp Hack was a tasty beer from start to finish that ended with just the phenols lingering on for just a smidgen longer.

3rd Barrel Camp Hack : The Bottom Line

3rd Barrel Camp Hack is a solid, well-made saison that would be good to have in some warmer weather.


3rd Barrel Camp Hack : Where to Buy

3rd Barrel Camp Hack can be bought online at the following places:

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