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In A Daze Brewing Information

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In A Daze Brewing is a Japanese brewery, with a taproom, that is located in Ina city, in Nagano, Japan. In A Daze Brewing started operating in February 2018. In A daze Brewing uses British, Canadian, American and German malt and British, German, American, Australian and New Zealand hops as raw materials, and surface water originating from the Central Alps, known as Hyoryusui, is used as water for brewing. Kazue Tominari, the owner of In A daze Brewing and headbrewer, is from Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture, and wanted to get a job related to agriculture in Nagano Prefecture, where she spent her college days. Tominari-san actually got experience working at Hyappa Brews Information for three years starting in May 2014, before opening In A Daze Brewing.

In A Daze Brewing : Regular Lineup

The following are some of In A Daze Brewing’s beers that we have tried:

  • In A Daze Bonding Flux – a 5% pilsner that uses Shinshu Hayao and Starring hops.
  • In A Daze Coconuts Anpan Stout – a 6.5% milk stout that uses Polaris, Sabro, and Vanguard hops as well as coconut and azuki beans.
  • In A Daze Gonbe IPA – a 6.5% American IPA that uses Cascade, Fert, and Mosaic hops as well as locally grown rice.
  • In A Daze Hase -a 4.5% Japanese rice beer that uses locally grown “Kamiakari” brown rice.
  • In A Daze Ichigo –
  • In A Daze Kashio Gose – a 4% gose that uses Amarillo and Citra hops with locally produced rock salt.
  • In A Daze Kurashi Session Ale
  • In A Daze Morinoza Pale Ale – a 5.5% pale ale that uses Fert, Idaho 7, Polaris and Tahoma hops as well as locally sourced Akamatsu.
  • In A Daze Sanshu IPA – a 6.5% English IPA that uses US Simcoe hops and Japanese sea salt.

In A Daze Brewing : Limited & Seasonal Lineup

The follow are some of In A Daze Brewing’s limited and seasonal lineup. More information about the availability of the beers can be found in the review.

  • In A Daze Haze Daze Flourishing Sakura – a 7% hazy IPA that uses the Pink Boots selection of hops for the year. Usually available in Spring.
  • In A Daze Haze Daze Juicy IPA – a 7% hazy IPA that uses Idaho 7, Sabro, Simcoe, and Tahoma hops. Usually available from the start of summer.
  • In A Daze Haze Daze Wild Grape – an 8 % hazy IPA that uses Citra, Enigma, Idaho 7, and Mosaic hops. Also uses locally Kamiina mountain grapes. Usually available in Autumn.
  • In A Daze Haze Daze Powder Daze – an 8% hazy IPA that uses Citra, El Dorado, Galaxy, and Mosaic hops. Usually available in winter.

In A Daze Brewing : Information

In A Daze Brewing : Location

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