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In A Daze Bonding Flux by In A Daze Brewing

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In A Daze Bonding Flux is a 5% pilsner from In A Daze Brewing, based in Ina, in Nagano, Japan. It’s part of their regular lineup, and can be found in both cans and on draught across Japan. It’s a collaborative beer, with the University of Shinshu helping to make it and came about when a professor at the Faculty of Engineering stopped by the tap room to talk. In A Daze Bonding Flux takes its name from a process in which gems, such as rubies and diamonds, are made in the Earth’s crust. In A Daze Bonding Flux is brewed using Shinshu Hayao and Starring hops.

In A Daze Bonding Flux

In A Daze Bonding Flux : At A Glance


  • Alcohol : 5%
  • Style : Pilsner
  • Hops : Shinshu Hayao and Starring
  • IBU : 32

Sale Information

  • Availability : Regular
  • On Sale : N/A
  • Size : 350 ml
  • Price : From 660 yen

Aroma & Taste

  • Notable Aromas : Light malt sweetness with lemongrass and some straw. No discernible off notes.
  • Notable Tastes : Subtle initial bitter bite, that fades to a dry body with lemongrass and light, crisp malt.

In A Daze Bonding Flux : Aroma & Taste

In A Daze Bonding Flux poured out a light golden straw colour, with a touch of chill haze to the beer, and a very thin amount of white head on top that faded to a few bubbles around the side of the glass. The aroma wasn’t strong, with a touch of light pilsner malt aroma, followed by some lemongrass aroma with a touch of straw to it. A very simple, yet clean, aroma from In A Daze Bonding Flux.

The body started off with a simple pilsner bite to it – nothing overpowering or surprising really – which segued into some light hoppy lemongrass flavour. The body was dry, and had a crisp malt bite to it, though none of the flavours really lasted or lingered for much more than a second. The aftertaste was a dry lemony flavour, though it too faded fast.

In A Daze Bonding Flux : The Bottom Line

In A Daze Bonding Flux is a nice beer for someone getting into craft beer but it is overpriced for what it is.


In A Daze Bonding Flux : Where To Buy

In A Daze Bonding Flux can be bought online at the following places:

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