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Let’s Beer Works in Higashi-Jujo, Tokyo

by Rob
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Let’s Beer Works : The Bottom Line

If you don’t mind having popcorn as some food, then Let’s Beer Works is perfect as it ticks all the boxes we like in a brewpub / bar. The beers are pretty good, and are reasonably priced, and there is an outside drinking area that is actually well sheltered from the cold wind that blows past. The only downsides to Let’s Beer Works is that it does get full up very quickly and it is only open at the weekend.

Let’s Beer Works : The Full Write Up

Let’s Beer Works was the fifth, and final, stop on our drinking tour and somehow we ended up back in Tokyo for the final beers of the day. I’ve been meaning to get to Let’s Beer Works since trying some of their beers later in 2021 and was delighted when someone mentioned that this was on the way home. It was getting late though and the sun was going down so we went there in a hurry, hoping to catch some evening rays and outside drinking.

Let’s Beer Works is located in Higashi-Jujo, which lies in the northern part of Tokyo, and not in Saitama as I thought – look my geography of Tokyo sucks in spite of living in the Kanto area for almost 20 years. Let’s Beer Works is located less than a 5 minute walk from the JR station, and opened in March 2020.

Let’s Beer Works : Atmosphere & Interior

You really can not miss Let’s Beer Works when you’re in the vicinity of it, due to the bright yellow banners that adorn the outside of the bar, that also double up as some protection from the elements for when you’re drinking outside. There is some indoor area but it’s mostly for accessing the toilets. When we went, the bar filled up very quickly around the heaters, which someone has wisely/stupidly placed under some wooden tables. The whole place is non-smoking and seeing as it’s all standing, Let’s Beer Works has a no table charge policy.


It’s a pretty friendly and community driven space, with families popping in for a couple of beers to take away though some did stand around for a beer or two on the road – the bar standing area had gotten full by 6pm and noone seemed to be leaving any time soon. There was some wifi connection picked up, but it was unknown where this was coming from but it was welcome.

Let’s Beer Works : Approach to Covid-19

Seeing as we were in Tokyo for this final bar, the “lax” regulations seemed, well, unusual compared to what we had gone through in Saitama – a minor gripe but wish there was some regular idea between places. All of the staff were wearing masks and there was alcohol spray but that was it.

Let’s Beer Works : Beer & Tap Information

As Let’s Beer Works is a brewery and a bar, ergo a brewpub, it makes sense that they have their own beers on tap, and they have space for 8 taps, but on the day we went, only 6 beers were on. The beers come in 2 sizes: half pint (273ml) from 600 yen, and US pint (473 ml) from 1,000 yen, with prices including tax. There are also some beers to take away, in cans, plastic cup, and growlers, though the latter does depend on the maker. Kind of a strange idea but I suspect that with growlers coming in different shapes and sizes, the price will vary. There was no happy hour nor any beer flight at Let’s Beer Works.

In terms of quality, the beers were pretty good and matched up to the style they’re representing. I didn’t pick up any cans, because I was a little bit drunk at this point and the temptation to open the cans on the train was too strong.

Let’s Beer Works : Food Information

There wasn’t anything besides some random pop corn that was delivered to the table. So make sure you take some of your own.

Let’s Beer Works : Details

Let’s Beer Works: Location

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