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Far Yeast Apple Pie Hazy IPA by Far Yeast Brewing Company

by Rob
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Far Yeast Apple Pie Hazy IPA is an 8% milkshake IPA from Far Yeast Brewing Company, based in Kosuge, in Yamanashi, Japan. Far Yeast Apple Pie Hazy IPA is part of their Night Watch Project, and can be found in cans and on draught for a limited time only. It is also a collaborative beer, with the Granny Smith Pie Company helping to brew this beer. Far Yeast Apple Pie Hazy IPA is brewed using 121.5 kgs of apple juice concentrate, along with 150 kg of lactose, and finally cinnamon and oats.

Far Yeast Apple Pie Hazy IPA : At A Glance


  • Alcohol : 8%
  • Style : Milkshake IPA
  • Hops : Unknown
  • IBU : Unknown

Sale Information

  • Availability : Limited
  • On Sale : From January 2022
  • Size : 350 ml
  • Price : From 680 yen

Aroma & Taste

  • Notable Aromas : Apple, cream, cinnamon, and wheat nose. No discernible alcohol heat.
  • Notable Tastes : Apple, cream, cinnamon, and some nutty wheat flavour. No alcohol heat.

Far Yeast Apple Pie Hazy IPA : Aroma & Taste

Look, I know what you are going to think when you read this. Why are you drinking a milkshake IPA? Don’t you hate them? Well that is true – I think I can count on one hand how many of these kinds of beers that I have had. That is probably down to them having a weird consistency and mouthfeel which I don’t really enjoy. So why did I buy this? Well, it sounded like a mad concept and I was hankering for some apple pie and I do like the Granny Smith’s apple pies I’ve had in the past.

Far Yeast Apple Pie Hazy IPA poured out a deep golden orange colour with a lot of haze in the body – so much so that it was almost opaque and was hard to get a decent shot of the body. The aroma though was a most peculiar one – in that it smelt like it was supposed to smell like but my brain couldn’t process it.

Milkshake IPA : What is it?

The basics of a milkshake IPA lie in the hazy IPA style. Take that style, dump a lot of lactose aka milk sugar, and you get a milkshake IPA. Add in fruit to then impart some fruity flavours to get the desired profile you want.

Far Yeast Apple Pie Hazy IPA had the aroma of an apple pie when chilled and even more so when it had warmed up. The apple and cinnamon aromas were the first to come through, which were then followed by a creamy, wheaty aroma in the background. I asked other people to smell the beer, without looking at the can, and they guessed it smelt like apple pie – but why if I hadn’t bought any. Talk about a confusing prospect. In terms of hops, well I would not have guessed any were in Far Yeast Apple Pie Hazy IPA as I couldn’t smell anything that resembled hops.

Again, the body didn’t have anything that resembled hops in there – it was all apple pie! Thankfully it didn’t have the consistency of blended up apple pie, but the flavour was all there. Lots of apple, cinnamon, creaminess from the lactose to give it a thicker mouthfeel than your usual IPA, and then some nutty oat flavour. The flavour carried on into the aftertaste, with a lingering apple and cinnamon flavour.

Far Yeast Apple Pie Hazy IPA : The Bottom Line

It was a preposterous idea for a beer but it worked and left me thinking about Willy Wonka and the bubblegum scene with Violet Beauregarde – whatever next? A three course meal in a beer?


Far Yeast Apple Pie Hazy IPA : Where To Buy

Far Yeast Apple Pie Hazy IPA can be bought at the following places:

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