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Ise Kadoya Senkyakubanrai by Ise Kadoya

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Ise Kadoya Senkyakubanrai is a 7% NE-IPA and a collaboration beer between Ise Kadoya and Kyoto Brewing Company. The beer can be found in both bottles and also on tap though as it’s a limited edition, we don’t know how long it will be on sale for. Both breweries worked together to make the recipe and then the resultant beer was brewed at Ise Kadoya’s brewery but they used yeast from Kyoto Brewing Company. Ise Kadoya Senkyakubanrai is brewed using Falconer’s Flight, Mosaic, Sabro, Citra, Azacca, and Amarillo hops. The name roughly translates to “Flood of customers” – perhaps an indication of the increase in popularity of both breweries over the last few years?

Ise Kadoya Senkyakubanrai・伊勢角屋千客万来Ise Kadoya Senkyakubanrai 2・伊勢角屋千客万来 2

Ise Kadoya Senkyakubanrai Aroma and Taste

Ise Kadoya Senkyakubanrai poured out a dull hazy dark orange brown colour with a nice plump white head on top that clung to the side of the glass. There was a larger fruity aroma coming off the beer – think coconut, peaches, mango, grapefruit, lemons, and pineapple, all of which only got stronger as the beer warmed up. Don’t adjust your screen either – that is large lump of yeast floating in the bottle. I thought I had kept all of it in the bottle, but it seems a little bit just escaped out into the glass.

The body had a smoothness that lasted from start to finish, along with a subtle creaminess to that permeated throughout drinking. Those same aromas that appeared in the nose, were present in the flavours of Ise Kadoya Senkyakubanrai – nothing abrasive nor salty coming through either. I was also surprised with how “dry” Ise Kadoya Senkyakubanrai felt too – sometimes NE-IPA have a rough, thick, fruity body but this was much thinner than expected. The lingering fruity flavours stayed right into the aftertaste.

Ise Kadoya Senkyakubanrai The Bottom Line

NE-IPA should be drunk fresh and if you can find Ise Kadoya Senkyakubanrai fresh, then try it. Just pour it carefully.


Where to Buy Ise Kadoya Senkyakubanrai

Ise Kadoya Senkyakubanrai can be bought online at the following places:

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