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Izumi Brewery : Draught Beer Round Up

by Rob
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Rather than writing up individual reviews for these beers, we’ve come up with a page of beers for our recent trip to Beer Cellar Tokyo – the taproom for Izumi Brewery. As these are draught beers, there is no guarantee that they will be on tap if and when you go there.

Izumi Resonance Wheat

Beer Cellar Tokyo Beer 1

Izumi Resonance Wheat : Details

  • Alcohol : 4.5%
  • Style : American Wheat
  • IBU : 25.1

Izumi Resonance Wheat : Mini Review

Appearance : Almost clear golden yellow colour with a plump white head on top. No noticeable haze from hop proteins.

Aroma : Weak straw / wheat aroma with no discernible hop aroma. Yeast was barely noticeable with some butteriness present in the nose.

Body : Refreshing if not for the buttery flavour in the beer. Very faint citrus flavour behind the beer but more of a beer for knocking back rather than appreciating the flavour.

Izumi Four Seam

Beer Cellar Tokyo Beer 3

Izumi Four Seam : Details

  • Alcohol : 6.5%
  • Style : Belgian IPA
  • IBU : 50

Izumi Four Seam : Mini Review

Appearance : Dark copper orange colour with plump white head that faded. Body was relatively clear with just a chill haze.

Aroma : Belgian funk from the yeast with fruity phenols dominating over the noble hops. Would have liked the hops to have been stronger though. Slightly honey biscuit aroma from malt.

Body : Bitter but phenols dominate over the body – lots of yeasty Belgian funk. Hops were more on the floral side so were secondary in the body. Malt was present with some honey biscuit sweetness but it was the Belgian yeast that was the star.

Izumi 3A Farmhouse Ale

Beer Cellar Tokyo Beer 2

Izumi 3A Farmhouse Ale : Details

  • Alcohol : 5.2%
  • Style : Saison
  • IBU : 20

Izumi 3A Farmhouse Ale : Mini Review

Appearance : Golden yellow straw colour with fluffy white head that clung to the side throughout drinking. Relatively clear.

Aroma : Dry malts with subtle yeasty funk of phenols but not overpowering. Hops were floral if not subtle. Crisp pilsner malt sweetness when warmed up.

Body : Sharp Belgian yeasty phenol funk to the body that was the presiding flavour of the beer. Malt and hop flavours were present, but subdued as in the nose. Lacked depth or complexity overall.

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