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Bay Brewing White IPA by Bay Brewing Yokohama

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Bay Brewing, sorry, Bay Brewing Yokohama, are known throughout Japan for their Czech style beers as Suzuki-san spent his formative brewing years in the Czech Republic learning the craft and honing his skills. During the interview we had last year, he hinted towards new styles and Bay Brewing White IPA is one of them. It’s a 6.5% beer brewed using English and German malt along with Cascade and Simcoe hops along the way. A real melting pot of ingredients there.

Bay Brewing White IPA

White IPA = wheat IPA. I think

Bay Brewing White IPA Aroma and Taste

A white IPA I hear you say. What’s the difference between an IPA and a white IPA? Well it’s a cross between a Belgian wheat and an IPA or so I’ve heard and it’s going to be the next big thing in craft beer innovation. Or perhaps not. Who knows what the craft beer crowd will enjoy tomorrow?

Bay Brewing White IPA had the appearance of a “regular” IPA; golden body and fluffy white head along with an aroma of an IPA though it was faint and needed a good whiff to get a hint of. The whiff, when it came through, was of that Simcoe cats’ piss nose that we’ve become “experts” in. It’s not something we’re proud of, but if we can detect it, we like to say. It makes us feel “beerducated”.

The body was slightly more forthcoming with a hoppy edge to it but the malts were much more apparent, perhaps Suzuki-san couldn’t give up his pilsner ways. Bay Brewing White IPA had a little bit of a bitter aftertaste but the malts balanced it out with some sweetness coming through to take the edge off.


Bay Brewing White IPA One Line Review

Should you trek down to Bay Brewing Yokohama to try it? Perhaps not but if you do find it on tap in your local, then Bay Brewing White IPA is worth having.

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